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  1. txgunner

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    What holster do you use with your conceal carry?

    I've seen a new product that just clips onto the grip of your handgun and then clips on the inside of your belt so between your body and pants. Looks uncomfortable though.
  2. Declaration Day

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    I use a cheap Uncle Mike's holster with a Kel-Tec P-11.

  3. Varro

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    I have a preference to most Yaqui belt-slide holsters....They ride nice & high and the withdrawal/presentation phase is accomplished quickly w/o obstructions....
  4. Spartan

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    the clip

    dont have one but from what ive heard they are pretty decent. I carry an XD9 concealed on my left ankle in a Blackhawk ankle holster with a reverse draw so the butt points down and the weapon is accessible without hiking up the pant leg. I also carry an XD in the small of the back in a Blackhawk Askins holster. I carry my SIG 229 strong side in a Bianci Nylon with snap, and I have three Ka-Bar TDI knives, one I carry weak side in case i need to fight for control of my weapon in a close quarter confrontational situation, and the other two are strapped to each boot, the small on the left with the hilt down for easy access if I am on my knees or going down and close enough to take out an achilles tendon or a calf muscle, and the larger on the right which requires lifting the pant leg, but if ive lost two Ka-bars in a guy and he's still standing and hasnt shot me with my own gun, hiking the pant leg wont be that big of a deal
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    I have a Ruger SP-101, 357 mag w/3" barrel, Bersa Thunder 380 and new CZ 75 Compact. They all have Don Hume H715 IWB holsters.
    I like them for carry, got them from