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    So... I just bought me a Kimber CDP Pro and was wondering what would be the best concealed carry holster. I was looking at IWB but to be honest I have no idea. Let me know your thoughts.
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    I recently bought a Crossbreed SuperTuck and have been very pleased with it. It is very comfortable, very secure and easily conceals an XD45c, which is not a small piece, even under a tucked in T-shirt. It is on par for $ with other manufacturers of high quality gun leather (it is a combo of leather and Kydex.) Only time will tell if it becomes another addition to the "Rubbermaid holster museum" in the basement, but thus far I am impressed.

    Quality: 9
    Value: 8
    Available Options:10
    Customer Service:10
    Retention: 8
    Concealability: 10


    Crossbreed Holsters


    I have heard good things about the High Noon "downunder" as well but have no personal experience with it. High Noon Holsters- Down Under

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    I always found it very important, that the holster in comfortable in all areas.
    If you sit a lot, you don`t want the firearm being pushed up from the seat or the grip pushed into the weist.

    There are several ways of CCW.
    I myself, when I carried my duty gun, preferred a classic pancacke or belt side holster. These had the advanteage of being variable in the position you carry it in.
    I also had a Safari Land inside the pants holster, but always found it uncomfortable, since it is being pushed into your weist by your belt, at least the one I had.

    My alltime favorite always was a Galco quick draw pancake leather holter.
    It was slim and concealed very well but was also variable in it positioning.

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    First, great choice on the gun. Probably more opinions on holsters than weapons, most of us have a pile of no longer used ones to prove it! If you prefer strong side carry (again, lots of opinions) you have two basic choices.. inside or outside. IWB is easier to conceal (since part of the weapon is inside) and you only have to dress to conceal the rest. It is a bit more uncomfortable like our comrade stated above, but not unbearable. A little harder to access, but not by much. The outside option will require a little more care in the length of the shirt that you have on to conceal the muzzle. FWIW my pref is IWB in the summer and outside in the winter.
    Second basic choice is material, leather or synthetic (nylon or kydex). If you go with leather, go with a good quality leather. If it is cheap leather, it will probably let you down more sooner than later. There are hundreds of sub choices within these two options, it comes down to what you are proficient with. I forget which expert (or "expert" depending on who said it) had a great quote I liked - "it is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable".
    Also depends on how you spend the majority of your time when CCW; driving, sitting, moving around a lot. Good luck.
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    ISWB I'd go with Don Hume but as mentioned the ISWB is never all that confrantable. I'm lazy and willing to put on a loose shirt or jacket and carry a shouder rig.
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    I would have to give another vote for the galco high ride hoslsters they are well made and the most comfortable when u start going in the waist band it does not seem tho matter ,at least for me they seem fine and comfortable till u sit down.U bought a pricey gun the last thing u want to do is go cheap on the holster.
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    You asked;

    The best, hands down, Sparks Versa Max 2 IWB
    Milt Sparks Holsters
    And if you order today Tony will have one for you in about 35 weeks. Yea, their that good!

    My favorite is the Horseshoe Leather Products (located in Ripon England) Covert 28 classic wraparound design.
    Holsters for Handguns, Firearms and Concealment at holsters.org
    If you order today Andy will have your holster in about six months.
    Yep, it's worth it! Andy Arratoonian "..is a one-man enterprise where old-world craftsmanship, based on thirty-five years of hands-on skill and experience, are successfully combined with the finest English leather and the latest modern technological methods of production to create some of the most elegant and supremely functional concealment holsters available in the world today." from the site.

    [​IMG] DO NOT buy a quality (or any) holster and neglect the belt! This is an equally important element in your conceal carry wardrobe. Trust me on this! You would be far better off with a quality carry belt and a cheap holster. I SPEAK TO TRUTH!

    If you get a high-end rig and throw in the mag pouch expect to spent at minimum, $300. A good belt will cost as much, and usually more than the holster. (~$125-150)

    I know there are a ton of other quality holster makers out there but you did ask for my opinion! [​IMG]