Holsters for cap and ball

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    I've got two Revolvers and 1858 Army and an 1860. I have found some economical holsters for cap and ball but the majority or all are unlined. Rough side leather, in is mean on bluing as well as holding any powder from the revolvers.
    What does everyone use, in holsters? Are some lined with synthetic etc?
    This fall, I thought I would try hunting squirrels with one of the revolvers.
    The 1860 is pretty accurate with Triple 7.
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    Several years ago I needed a holster made for my suppressed Ruger MkiIII Amphibian and after much searching I found COWS; Classic Old West Styles 1700 Texas Ave, El Paso TX 79901 (800) 595-2697 info@cows.com. Am I ever glad I did. I talked to the lady at COWS and she assured me they could make whatever I needed since the holster they had listed for the MKIII wasn't big enough in diameter nor long enough for my Amphibian. I use it in .22 IPSC-type competition and love it! I don't know if they have any lined holsters, but I'll bet they could build you one, and if it's as nice as mine, it will be worth it! Just ask her!

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    El Paso Saddlery make good quality inexpensive holsters. http://www.epsaddlery.com/c-10-western.aspx You can find cheaper but they're mostly chrome tanned lightweight leather that will get soft and floppy with use and oiling speeds up the process. With leather you pretty much get what you pay for. Buy cheap and you get cheap no matter how good it looks.