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    I just bought a LCR revolver. I am trying to figure out the best way to carry with a holster or a or pocket holster. What is the pros and cons. Can you get to your just as easy when you pocket carry? When driving does the holster bother your back?
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    A holster against your kidneys (especially a large gun like a Ruger Service Six or a full size 1911 or a Beretta 92F) induce pain after a few weeks of 12 hour shifts behind the wheel. Been there, done that. It led to the purchase of a shoulder holster.

    I never drove long enough with a small pistol in a pocket for it to cause discomfort out of the car. However I suspect eventually that cold clump of metal would cause discomfort out of the car. It also helped that different pants had slightly different pockets so the gun position in a pocket was always subtly different, whereas with the big guns the holster always sat in the same spot.

    Holster carry is considered the most professional and usually the safest and usually provides the quickest access. However it all has to be concealed either under your jacket, or by wearing your shirt out of the pants. Many experienced people you may encounter on the street will know exactly what that bulge under your shirt is anyway. Usually because they have seen it before. Wearing the jacket minimizes that bulge, but if you work or go outside on a 90 degree + day, you are going to suffer.

    Pocket holsters offer the advantage of allowing many different shirts and no one knows you have it. You can be down to your T-shirt or even take the T-shirt off, and still (usually) no one suspects you are armed.
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    Melvin Assume you may not pick the right holster first time or know where you can carry it best. Say'n that check out DeSantis Pocket-Tuk. You can wear it iwb or take the belt hook off and pocket it. Cost is low and you may find it covers both well enough. Try to iwb over your front pocket and you will find you can still access while setting and still hid well while standing and even tuck shirts in. Do try to keep a small revolver like that away from your back half.
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    Both are solid tips, if you can put your hand in your pocket and ball it up into a fist and pull it out without any resistance you can pocket carry your LCR. You may not want to after carrying it that way for a few days, I tried with a SP 101 (a much heavier gun ) and it beat my leg to death. IWB is the easiest to conceal and you can use anything from a Remora style to a hybrid tuckable style holster. For OWB the options are mind boggling at first, and much money can be spent looking for that perfect holster.

    Look at where you want to carry first, if pocket is for you try it with the gun unloaded without a holster and see how it feels. If IWB is the way to go figure out what position you want to carry in, appendage carry is not for the round body type while sitting down, 3-5:00 works fine for most. The same for OWB.

    I like to put my carry gun in a holster mounted in the car while driving for comfort and ease of access if needed, getting it out of a pocket while sitting behind the wheel is hard to do. Look over several options once you decide on how you want to carry, then use your best judgement. Most of us have several holsters that we no longer use.
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    Thanks to everyone that replied to my question the information was very useful.