Holster Style preferences, particularly for the 1911 platform?

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Are Thumb Breaks on holsters neccessary?

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  1. Yes! Thumb Breaks are a necessary feature!

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  2. No! Thumb Breaks are for sissies!

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  3. Whatcha talkin' about...my t humb ain't broken!

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  1. DragonLW

    DragonLW New Member

    No...this is DEFINITELY NOT a *who do you think makes the best blahblahblah holster*...

    Its a question on *preference* of a particular *feature* that seems to be in demand and/or gaining popularity, and I'm curious as to why...

    Thumb breaks holsters, be it a IWB or OWB holster, whilst carrying a 1911.

    With the safety features of a 1911 (thumb switch must be off and grip safety must be depressed before the gun will fire...) I'm curious as to why people seem to want thumb breaks. Even if carrying in Condition 1, the gun is really quite safe, won't discharge if dropped (unless you've done alot of "COUGH" *custom* "COUGH" trigger work with a Dremel on your own) and a well-made holster will provide the proper retention via friction for an OWB holster, and a thumb break on a IWB seems redundant if the reason is to prevent a gun grab, because, when properly concealed, no-one is supposed to be able to tell that there is a gun under your shirt to grab.

    I personally can't see a reason for a thumb break on a IWB as its yet another step in drawing the weapon that you need to be mindful of, and you've already got enough to worry about in getting your cover garment cleared so that you can draw if, God forbid, its a life-or-death situation. Why add a thumb break to the list of possible snag points?

    On a OWB, I can understand the reasoning for a bit more safety from a gun grab, especially when the firearm is being OC'd. Then again, you can carry OWB with a cover garment, and if properly concealed, the chances of a gun-grab are practically nil, because if a perp can't *see* it, how does he know to *grab* it?

    So...do you prefer thumb breaks on your 1911 rigs, either IWB or OWB, and why?

    This question is for CIVILIAN CARRY, not LEO, not Security Guard, not Prison Guard, etc... :)

    The question is for the typical man-on-the-street civilian exercising his 2A rights.
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  2. hogrider

    hogrider New Member

    I want a thumb break because the amount a continuous exertion I do keeps the weapon from working it's way out of the holster. Bending over at the waist several times in a row will show you what I'm talking about. The weapon tends to work it's way out. Now not all holsters exhibit this problem but I got used to the thumb break so I stuck with it.

  3. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    I personally see no need for a thumb break. IMO, the holster should retain the weapon without one and mine always have.
  4. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    I like a thumb break on a field holster. For hiking and hanging out in the woods, it makes sense to me.
  5. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    Thumb break is necessary for me, solely due to many hours of training with one. I feel strange with a holster without one. But then again a triple retention wouldn't bother me either...just what I am used to.