Holster questions for concealed carry.

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    I'm in the process of getting my CCW, and with yesterday's gun show purchases, I now have three handguns suitable for concealed carry: Para-Ordnance P10-45, S&W M637 Airweight .38 spl +P, and the antique 9-shot High Standard R-101 Sentinel .22 (ok, I know a .22 isn't a serious carry weapon, but nine shots of .22 is better than no shots from a gun not there).

    Anyway, holsters for CC. I'm right-handed dominant, and since my left wrist has been surgically repaired from a bad fracture, I won't be shooting the .45 one-handed as a lefty, doubtful on the .38, but possibly with the .22. I'm needing an arsenal of holsters, the only one I have so far is a RH tuckable IWB for the Para. I'm thinking a good leather pocket case for the J-frame Airweight, a pancake holster for OWB wear during cold weather when I'll have a jacket or open outer shirt to conceal it.

    The High Standard is just barely wider than the Airweight, and the barrel is 2" to the Airweight's 1.75", so could the same holster(s) work for both? The S&W Website lists plenty of holsters for the J-frame, but for 2 1/8" and longer barrels. Would that size work also for the shorter barrels?

    I've been reading Ayoob too, but he doesn't get into those specifics that I have read so far. Thanks for the help.
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    I think I have a 4 drawer filing cabinet full of holsters. And 3 pair of shoes to my name.:)

    I use different holsters for different occasions, and for different guns. Wore a 4 inch 357 in a strong side hip holster for years. Shoulder holster (upright) for a 1911.

    Food for thought- damned hard to draw when you are in a car- threat usually coming from your left- strong side holster leaves you WHACKING the steering wheel. I use in IWB for a Mdl 36, usually worn weak side, butt forward. Have a minimal skeleton holster that I can carry most guns on belt, strong side, weak side, SOB (do not reccomend that), and it carries my Para C-7 quite well.

    Best investment? A GOOD belt.

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    I am pretty close on the holster count. Due to a back injury, I cant hang much on my "strong" side. I can handle a little more on the left side so I carry cross draw. Everyone has different needs and comfort levels. I find the cross draw works great in a car and it is easy to pull my jacket or shirt up with my left hand and draw. In the car, I will undo a shirt button or jacket zipper so I dont have to fumble. I too like the skeleton holsters. I do have pocket holsters for the pocket size guns. I am not fond of IWP's.