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    I have had my magazine fall out of my pistol several times. I actually had it happen on my first day of carry and posted it on this board. It has happened two other times since, and I took a real look at my rig this weekend and think it may be my holster/pistol issue. My sr9c has an ambidextrous magazine release on both sides. And as you can tell by the pictures I posted, the mag release button stands very proud. A big 1/8 inch or so. I believe I may be hitting it as I grab for my grip. I practice my draw quite often. And have noticed it happen several times while practicing. I never really put it together until today.
    I got some training on the five step draw, and I have been working on it. I am very careful to get a firm grasp on the grip of the pistol. And keep my trigger finger straight down the side. I believe I am catching the mag release with my middle finger. I am hitting it in my truck putting my seat belt on and off also.
    Has anyone seen this before? Should my holster cover the mag release? I bought the holster from stoner holsters and like it very much. I am sure they will modify the holster if I ask them to. I would just like to know what the norm is. I don’t have enough experience to know.
    Thanks for your help.

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    That is unfortunately a downside of an ambi-mag release. That said, I also have an SR9c but have not had this problem. I carry in an nylon blackhawk/uncle mikes dinky IWB holster(until my crossbreed comes in), and the majority of the gun, including the mag release, is covered. Though, I'm not sure of it being covered or uncovered would help. Does the firearm have in play in the holster? And is the release only being activated when you are gripping/drawing the weapon, or just randomly while you're carrying it around?

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    This is a really bad problem to find yourself in, as you have already concluded. You can't be worried about whether your magazine is fully seated, or, for that matter, even there in a self-defense situation.

    My XD-40 service has an ambidextrous magazine release, too, and it fits in my SuperTuck Deluxe kydex holster in a very similar fashion to yours. Never in the years I have been carrying it have I had an experience with the magazine becoming unseated or ejecting, and I, too, fumble with seat belts, take naps, and put myself in all sorts of contorted positions from time to time.

    Could it be that your magazine release is just too easily activated? I carry Condition 1 and it takes a rather large amount of concentrated effort to release the magazine in the XD.
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    This issue if left unresolved is a serious problem. Try to see if the mag release is getting pressed by the holster or your finger, try sitting, twisting, squatting and see if the mag is loose. If so then that is probably your problem and can be cured by trimming the holster some, if not then try drawing from the holster and reholstering and see if the mag comes loose. Once you figure out where the mag is getting released at you can cure the problem.

    That is why I don't like extended mag releases, I also have a holster mounted in all of my cars to stage my carry gun while entering the car, when I get out I just put it back in my carry holster. After double checking, all of my holsters cover the mag release buttons completely. If you do find it to be the holster drop them a note to tell them so they can adjust the pattern and prevent others from having the same issues.
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    Do you have another holster for the gun? If so, try some practice draws to see if the problem persists across holsters. That might help you narrow down the problem.