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    Okay, I have tried several IWB's Desantis tuckable(too thick). popups not bad for LCP, but when I go a little bigger<keltek p11> digs in too much. Same goes for the Smart carry( i cannot imagine a full size pistol in that pouch).
    I know changing the way I dress would help. I wear jeans and tucked in golf shirts for work . I put a belt clip on the LCP, that conceals pretty well by just slightly un-tucking/blousing shirt. I think a holster to cover trigger would be much safer. The p11 clip mounts a little lower on the gun so does not conceal as well that way.
    I am going to try some OWB's, maybe a belt slide, or pancake . I know i will have to find a way to cover it. Any suggestions?
    So far the best/most comfortable carry is my LCP in a wallet holster
    I would like to carry my P11 for a little more firepower.
    This site is a wealth of info and I check it out daily. Thanks, Andy
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