Holster for my S. Redhawk

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by DrumJunkie, Nov 23, 2013.

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    A good friend of mine has been getting into leather work recently. I had been talking about making one for my Super Redhawk that is scoped and how I would go about it. My friend took this as a project he just had to do.
    My idea was to make it where the holster would have a slot to allow the scope to be outside the holster but he would hear no part of that. He wanted to make the rig with everything covered. THe rig hangs like a horizontal shoulder rig. It wears real well but I still want to add another strap to stabilize it while moving around. I'm thinking about the strap going formth ebottom to mt belt kind o fliek a Bianchi Agent X rig. I've had a couple other suggestions to make the other strap like a Doc Holiday type thing. I'm not exactly sure what I"ll do just yet. I'd like to get back into hunting all together but I really want to do it with this pistol. It would be pretty easy to pack it around in this manner and every bit helps fo ran old gimped up bad back guy.:cool:

    Anyway it's not quite done but I was pretty exited to get this far with it so I thought I'd share the love with y'all. Any way you slice it it's a lot of holster and I have zero dollars in it as we had the leather already form other projects. Sorry for the bad pix. I used my cell as I was WAY too lazy to look for my wife's DSLR:eek:
    Lemme know what y'all think.


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    Look at a pilots shoulder holster for a 1911. That would just require a chest strap and maybe a longer shoulder strap. The sportsmans guide has the milsurp 1911 pilot holsters in stock if you want to see a photo.

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    With a back that lets you know its there, perhaps attaching a leather holster to a vest may be benificial??? It would spread the weight .
    Twenty-three years ago I punched my femur through my pelvis destroying the asertabulum (hope spelling is close) 40+screws, 6 plates, and 4 years later a full hip replacement all made sure I'd no longer carry my larger framed guns in a waist holster, even with the lighter stuff I wear suspenders. I see more and more LEOs wearing suspender type devices to help carry the load they pack.
    Good luck to you!