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    I am still hearing people who sprout so much knowledge of firearms, right out of Hollywood. It oft times make me wander just who the Firearms expert was that Hollywood hired for there movie, (maybe Sarah Brady?)

    Some of the rumors I still hear is that the M-16 bullet tumbles end over end when it comes out of the barrel. Let us not forget that Hollywood has made the handgun into the prime assault weapon, used by every one in the world to clear buildings and also to bring down the bad guy.

    Soon wars will be fought and won with nothing more then the handgun, (9mm Beretta no less), just ask Mel Gibson. The popularity of given weapons comes right out of Hollywood, sense most people never heard of a given weapon until Hollywood used it in some movie.

    Now I own a FEG 9mm High Power made in Hungry, it is a Police trade in that was imported here for resale. It is one fine shooting handgun and I have no problems carrying it. Sherman set the way back machine for 1973. Out in the theaters was a movie starring Al Pacino as a New York Cop “Frank Serpico”.

    Though this movie was based on a real life person, and was a fair movie I might add. Toward the end of the movie it shows Al Pacino carrying a Browning High Power. Well most people in the U.S. had heard little if nothing about the Browning High Power until the movie came out.

    Though the a long history, and popularity of this weapon in some 93 other countries was great, here in the good old U.S.A. most people never heard of it. With the movie Serpico, now we started seeing a popularity of this very handgun in the U.S. and the rumors started flowing just like melted butter.

    The movie Lethal Weapon brought out a following of the Beretta 92, again most people never heard of the Beretta 92 until Mal Gibson rolled over and over on the ground in the movie shooting 8 or 10 rounds into the chest of the bad guy in a 1inch group. What happened next was the embracing of a weapon by the American people and even our Military was swooned into adopting this handgun as their service weapon.

    The .44 auto mag. got its popularity and fame from the Dirty Harry movie Sudden Impact. Though I had known about them for quite some time most people had no idea that they even existed, until this movie brought one out. This created a vast amount of rumors about the ability of this deadly weapon and even was responsible for the creation of the Desert Eagle in .44 mag.

    These are but a few of the gun related things Hollywood has been responsible for creating. Not all are bad just remember if it’s Hollywood then it is a good chance that it’s reality is ****.

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    Well said opaww and very true.


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    Oh crap, there goes my Sonic II Plasma rifle with unlimited Plasmatonia static rounds. :(
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    James Bond made me want a Walther PPK:cool:
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    +2 and the AK. I used to play GoldenEye on Nintendo 64 and the first gun i went to was the PPK(pp7 in the game) and the AK. I still watch all the old westerns and enjoy seeing the elaborate holster and ammunition set ups they have and the trigger action they have.
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    You guys are forgetting the worst example of this in the modern era:

    Thank you Renny God Damn Harlan! If you would have just kept your stupid fanboy fingers off the script we would not be having the Glock versus 1911 fights of today. :mad:
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    My Gun

    This is my current carry piece made by CZTOP, maybe the movies will
    use one in a movie soon. :eek:
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    Its not just in hollywood, its in books too. I just finished a book where the main character carried a "40mm Glock". It was mentioned about thirty times in the book. Apparently 10mm is for pussies. 40mm is where it is at.
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    eddie murphy sported the browning hi-power in the beverly hills cop movies...of course his 15rd mag holds about 53rds in some of the shoot out parts of the movies....lol:D
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