Hogue stock any good?

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by kiwi5, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. kiwi5

    kiwi5 New Member

    Anybody tried the mini 14 Hogue stock? do they have any effect on accuracy? I'm considering moving away from the wooden stock and the Hogues are at a great price over here.
  2. Unashamedlaborer

    Unashamedlaborer New Member

    I had one on my mini for years till I sold the rifle. They are a great improvement. The rifle wasn't exactly match accurate to begin with but it certainly didn't. Become any worse.

  3. UncleChan

    UncleChan New Member

    I took mine off. Hogue stock killed its accuracy. Put wood back on and accuracy was good again. Loved the hogue stock, rifle didn't though.
  4. Mercator

    Mercator Active Member

    I've had a Mini 14 in Hogue rubber. Physically it made no difference in accuracy, as far as I could tell. I think the problem with Hogue rubber is, it gets sticky and may not shoulder naturally.

    You may want Hogue for field use and carry. For range, wood adds a little weight, and probably feels better to most. Either wood or rubber is better than hard plastic!
  5. Misfire51

    Misfire51 New Member

    I have the Hogue and so do several members here. There a quality stock.

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  6. sandog

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    The Hogue's are a bit heavier and wider but have a nice feel to them. The rubber texture and stippling around the pistol grip and fore end would be very welcome if your hands are sweaty. bloody or you are out in a downpour. They can be a bit grabby on your shirt when you shoulder the Mini though. Some have put a wrap of tape around the stock at the back to prevent this, what I did was use a Spectre butt pouch that can be had with their sling, or bought separately. There is enough of the canvas material around the butt to make it less grabby when shouldering. The pouch is made for a spare 20 round magazine, but I have found there is enough room as well under the Velcro flap for a small bag with an Otis cleaning cable, a few patches, and small vial of solvent and a spare firing pin and extractor.
    As far as accuracy, I did seem to notice a slight decrease in accuracy, but very slight, and other factors could have played into that.
    I do like how much lighter my Mini is with the Ruger factory synthetic stock than my wood stocked Mini or Hogue stocked Mini, I don't like the black color of the Ruger synthetic, but will finish it in a shade of grey when I get around to Cerakoting the stainless Mini.
    Yes, I am lefthanded, so the mag pouch and sling will look on the wrong side to most people.