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Here is what I normally go outside with. It's the one the wife likes to shoot best. I have the Hogue overmolded stock and the Butler Creek carbon fiber barrel. The whole rifle goes about 4lbs. Too light for me to use in silhouette for sure. The texture is just like the Hogue grips with a pebble finish molded around a basic fiberglass stock. My recommendation........get it! This past spring, we started having some failures of the ten round 10/22 mags ejecting from the gun....turns out it was the stock opening actually, and the fact that the Ruger factory mags are not uniform front to back in measurements. Here's a pic of the rifle stock, and my cure for the mag problems:
This image shows the 'hang-up' at the rear of the magazine opening in the stock

Here is what I found on the Ruger factory magazine measurements

And the cure with the help of the Dremel
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