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  1. capto56

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    I've got to say, I'm extremely impressed wit hogue grip customer service. I bought a grip from my LGS for my p226. The store didn't have any grip screws and the new model doesn't come with any.

    I ordered the correct ones off of the hogue website and received them pretty quick. They were the right ones but didn't quite work on my gun. I contacted hogue and they were quick to respond. They sent me a different style and I received them within 3 days.

    I tried them today and had to grind them down a tad to allow my mag to fit into my gun. I replied to the cs and told them they worked but the grip protrudes a bit too far on the thumb side of my gun which blocked my ability to reach the decocker as well as the slide release.

    I was only informing them to see if they had any other similar complaints or to suggest they assess the problem.

    They replied within an hour and told me they would send me another grip free of charge!

    Amazing cs, definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality, good textures replacement grip.
  2. jjfuller1

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    That's great thanks for sharing. It's always good to hear how companies treat the customer.

  3. Valarie80

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    Nice to hear it! Thanks for sharing, Capto!
  4. levelcross

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    It is good to hear of a good vendor and good CS. Most of the time we only hear the bad on forums.

    I love the Hogue grips on my SP101.
  5. Thebiker

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    I haven't had to deal with Hogue CS, but certainly use and like their products. Got 'em on my P226 & P239 (finger groove grips) and a set of their "Don't Tread On Me" grips on my 1911 that always gets compliments. Good product at a fair price and now good CS, wow! That's a win/win.
  6. danolator

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    I put them on every handgun with cheap a$$ plastic grips including my Glock 19 Gen 4. They make for all day shooting comfort and accuracy.