Hogs Gone Wild

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    Is it just me or has anyone else watched the "Hogs Gone Wild" show on the Discovery Channel, and wanted to beat their head against the wall? While they corectly described the problem of feral hogs in places like Texas and Florida, they show a very unrealistic solution. Hogs are over running farm land, threatining pets and livestock, and the property owners are scared to death to go outside at night. They might as well go live in "The Hood".
    The show trots out a collection of "Animal Removal Specialist" who put on a big show of tracking, spotlighting, snaring, and "hog tieing" one or two hogs and everyone feels safe and happy again. Little to no mention of what they had in store for the captured hogs, but I suspect they were going to end up in someones freezer. So why all the drama, well its TV of course, and it has to be palatable for the cake eaters. They can imaginne the pigs going off to reeducation camps and becoming nice little domestic animals again.
    It just drives me nuts that they present these "Animal Removal Specialist " as so humane and caring. I have seen a pig taken down by dogs, and its not a pretty sight. It is in no way humane to the hog, and giving the agresiveness of the feral hogs, is likely to cause a lot of injury to the dogs as well. Its akin to organized dog fighting, sans the side bets. Why, so the TV Producers can put on a big show and ignore the fact that the hogs are going to end up as pork chops, and they should have just shot them on the spot. I look at these landowners talking about how their front yard is over run by hogs at night and they dare not go outside, and I'm screaming at my TV, "their made out of BACON, shoot them and be done with it". Arrrg :eek:
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    That just made my day :D

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    That's funny. lmao!:D
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    I watched parts of the first episode and I was under the impression that they were relocating the animals. :confused:
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    I wish I had that problem.
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    I haven't viewed the show. But, I have seen first hand at the damage a group of hogs can do to a corn field. They can root up several acres in one night. Hogs are in all 64 parishes in Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina I rode my 4 wheeler up on 6 hogs off the west bank of New Orleans. When you hunt them they turn nocturnal. I have been lucky enough to be able to kill 2 in one shot. And 5 in 4 rapid shots with my 300 Win Mag. Now that's work... Cleaning 5 hogs in one evening.
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    I have a pal in East Texas that traps feral hogs, sometimes several at a time.I haven't asked him how he gets them from the trap to his trailer where he hauls them off to sell someplace. He did tell me that his bait was corn soaked in strawberry soda pop bottles and a sprinkling of strawberry powder like kool aid or the like, he said if they are within smelling distance, they are his !

    Pork is pork but I have read of warnings concerning the handling, butchering and possible eating of feral hogs as some may suffer from brucellosis.

    Many years ago my folks on a ranch caught them with a Border Collie called "Sam"...The dog would grab a hog's ear and hang on and somebody could throw the hog from behind and tie it's legs, then its mouth shut with baling wire for the ride back to the hog pen at headquarters. They were fed yellow dent corn in a trough with water and fattened up rapidly. A buyer would in those days come and pick them up but hardly ever the same buyer as they would eat you up if you got in the pen with them if you weren't dog protected and very careful.
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    I thought the same thing when I watched the show. What are they thinking? I wondered if they were being relocated to some of the fenced land that peeps pay to hunt on and the trappers were making extra cash that way.

    The few hogs affected wouldn't make a dent in a big hog population. I've quit watching, it frustrates me to see what seems like such a futile effort.
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    We have been eating wild hogs for several years. If the animal don't look right/sick. Feed it to the coyotes. The best ones to kill are young ones. Then you don't have to worry so much about the strong taste if you kill a boar. Put them seasoned up suckers in a coonass microwave, make you a fire. Pop a top on a adult beverage and let the good times roll.
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    Let's drag them out and shoot them.

    THEN go hunting for the wild boar...

    I swear, do these guys in Hollywood sit around a table going

    "Hey! I KNOW an impractical idea which will make EVERYBODY with an IQ over

    60 flaming mad! Let's set this up in as inanely moronic a manner as possible,

    and maybe we can give anyone REALLY PAYING ATTENTION a stroke

    during dinner!" D A H !
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    I live in east tx,hogs are a problem here to people with pastures.I try to kill ,and eat what i can . Almost nocturnal ,one has less than a 20% chance of seeing them in daylight hours. The pigs are getting smarter ,when it comes to traps ,dogs are the best option for capture /removal.I dont believe in relocation unless its to a very cold deep freeze. I also think the hog problem could be blessing in disguise.....If a very bad event were to take place ,ie collapse of society as we know it .The pigs would be a very plentiful,renewable food source.
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    So far this year i've shot and trapped about 60 wild hogs. It's getting harder to give hogs away: Folks want a hog that's been field dressed and skinned. Using a catfish skinner or small nippers i can skin a hog in about 20 minutes.
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    We watched the show the other night, and when they carted off the captured hog I turned to my wife and said, "What they don't show is them killing that hog and selling it to some restaurant that specializes in wild pork".
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    too much wild meat from the hog does not have a nice taste. I shot 107 hogs this year and I never ate any of em.
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    I find myself wondering how wild hog meat would work as food at the animal shelters. "Cap a piggie for the pound" etc.
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    The meat has to be thoroughly cooked to kill off any trichina. Trichinosis will kill a human if not treated.
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    I agree with the above premise and I love Pulled BBQ Pork.

    Next year I will be going back to Florida to KILL SOME PIGS.
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    I've watched this show a couple of times and both times I thought "what a bunch of loosers". Totally stupid show.

    Now they should make a show with these guys.

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    I watched that show 1 1/2 times.:cool:
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    At least the trapper guys in the Hawaii show state that they do kill the hogs for shelters.
    I did see one episode where they decided one hog was too big to hog tie and the lady ran up and stabbed it.
    I am still amazed that there are simply no firearms...WTF?