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    So im watching Hogs Gone Wild on discovery and i noticed something i dont understand. Why in the sam hell arent any of these people who hunt and trap them armed. I mean if im going to hunt/trap an animal that can kill me im gonna have at least a .30 cal rifle and possibly a .45.

    I know its tv, and maybe thats not how its done because we dont have a hog problem that i know of in indiana. I would think you'd want to at least protect yourself, but i dont see a single firearm.
  2. rjd3282

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    Discovery has to be taken as entertainment. It's full of lefties that don't want to kill anything. Why are they trapping hogs? Why aren't they just dropping them where they stand? If you watch some of these nature shows carefully different shows will have the exact same footage of animals with completely different stories behind them. Animal planet and NatGeo Wild are guilty of that frequently.

  3. centexlabman

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    I guide for hogs and they are really not that tough of an animal. Can't tell you how many I have killed with 22 and #1 buck shot out of a 12 ga. our record is 24 all in a few hours could of killed more just didn't want to fool w it.
  4. Gatoragn

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    Yep, what he said. 22 mag with full jackets is very effective without rupturing the bay dogs' ear drums or risk of a stray pellet striking a dog.

    An acquaintance of mine once shot a hog with 00 buck, 8 pellets hit the hog and 1 struck one of his hounds. Both the hog and the dog expired.
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    Population density and local and state laws are another factor that could prevent them bearing arms. One episode was in an on the outskirts of a suburb in Florida. Not a place to be using a firearm if not absolutely necessary. Another team is in Hawaii, and their state firearm and hunting regulations can be downright brutal. Aside from that, PETA and the ASPCA would probably have a full on sh!t fit over them killing the hogs on the air. I say kill 'em, clean 'em, and slow cook 'em! Anyone else for an old fasioned Carolina style pig roast!
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    They have killed a couple on the show (even though they did not show the shot being fired).
    I understand that they have a pen at their home base and, when they have enough, take the hogs to a place where the meat can be used.
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    Here in New Zealand the crazies hunt them armed with only a knife. And dogs. The dogs locate and bay them and the hunters go in and kill them with knives. Some do use guns. I'll be using guns!:rolleyes: A specially built gun in fact.

    This gun.

    It's a suppressed 303 Brit Lee Enfield and fires oversized paper patched bullets (has to because of its enlarged bore).
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    Jeez that would be a handy bit of kit in close and cuddly to a grunter. Same thing here in Aussie with the pig dogging.I've been once and it was the best fun you could have with your clothes on,talk about an adrenalin rush. I've shot all my pigs with either a shotgun or a rifle but that 1 time with the mates chasing them on foot and sticking them was unreal.
    BTW I've got a SMLE .303 but just couldn't bring myself to do that to it,regards
  9. JonM

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    thats cuz the way its actually done to control hogs doesnt make for good tv.

    they set lots of traps and just shoot the hogs before opening the traps. or they get a firing line and do a hog drive with beaters. or they use a helicopter shooting them from the air.

    there isnt any of that fake bs drama with girls in skimpy clothes on horses...
  10. ACRhino

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    There is a show called 'American Hoggers' ... they all have a .357 or .45 colt on them ... gals are F'ING hot too.

    Lots of points here, but all of the hogs that are caught ... or at least the majority depending on the show are penned and when they have enough are sent to a facility to process for homeless, etc. You can NOT keep the hog population down by killing one or two here and there. But the shows are good for showing how destructive they (the hogs) are and getting opinions swayed about them without splattering blood in a liberals face. On one episode of 'American Hoggers' the old man Campbell was hired to clear hogs off a deer farm ... they talked the whole show about how half these hogs had a baby bambi in their belly ... bet that makes liberals hate hogs. I hate them, used to hunt them with dogs and a knife ... why do you think they nick name a knife a 'Pig Sticker' lol. Once in the neck, once in the lungs.
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    your right SEX SELLS!
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    Hot girl on a horse huntin hogs an yer gonna.complain