HOA wants to kick out family for telecommuting

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by bluez, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. W.T. Sherman

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    I see a entirely different problem, moving into a house that has a HOA.

    if you like to be told what you can't do on your own property, and are happy as a clam to pay the HOA "fee" for them dictating what you can't do, then you deserve whatever comes down the pike
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    A lot depends on your future plans.

    If you plan to be at a certain domicile until you pass away and resale is not a concern, you don't need an HOA or deed restrictions, covenants, etc.

    If there is a chance you may relocate, job transfer, retire and move to the booniex, etc., the houses next to you impact the value of your house. An HOA may prevent your neighbor from having derelict vehicles in their yard.

    If a collection of derelict Edsels next door is not a concern, don't worry about lack of HOA, covenants, deed restrictions, etc.

  3. W.T. Sherman

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    if you move into any decent suburb you're not going to have issues like that, the burb I'm in doesn't have things like that, or dilatated houses etc... the building dept my city has, as with most suburban cities around me keeps a eye on things like that by neighbors complaint or is blatantly obvious from the street when they drive through, and quickly put a squash to that.

    but if you are unsure about buying a house in that city, a quick ride through the area will tell you quickly what you are moving into.

    now, if you move into a inner-city ghetto then all bets are off
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    You betcha.
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    Dewey cheatum & howe.jpg
    Respectively, the President, Vice-President and Treasurer of our HOA! Behind that barn it is about a mile and a half to the next dwelling.

    I sorta get the property value argument, but somebody telling me I can't do something on my property lessens the value of my property to me. And realistically, that is the only value that really matters.
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    I'd suggest it's the same in city government
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    One of the biggest fights the Ex and I ever had was over a house she really wanted to buy.

    The entire housing addition was covered by an HOA,,,
    I flatly refused to buy a house there.

    We dang near divorced over that fight,,,
    In retrospect I wish we had divorced then,,,
    It would have saved me a lot of trouble in the long run.

    Our friends who bought there (which prompted my Ex's interest) regretted it,,,
    The HOA was constantly changing the rules without owner input.

    Anyone who buys into an HOA should be ready for problems,,,
    It's a quick look at how communism takes hold.


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    I suppose I qualify as an anyone and I have not had major issues with either of the two HOA's I have been part of (currently living in #2).

    If you want to put up a shed or fence, discuss with the HOA first. Based upon the number of sheds and variety of fence styles, wrought iron, wood, vinyl, etc., does not appear to be a major hassle in my current 'hood.
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    To the original intent of the post: the eviction can't proceed. There was no due process. In Tennessee it takes a court order for an eviction, not just some overlords whim.
    Little Mr. Hister can certainly start proceedings in 30 days, heck in Tennessee he can do it in 14 days but I doubt any court is going to bother with the case since the fed has shut everything down and told people to temporarily work from home.
    The HOA president is opening a can of worms that I don't think he is aware of.
    The first thing I'd do is send a reciprocating letter informing him of his impending eviction on the grounds of running a business from his home. The HOA!
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    Double-talk . Unequivocally ???????