HOA wants to kick out family for telecommuting

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by bluez, Apr 3, 2020.

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    HOAs are horrific creations and most are unequivocally supported by statutory laws made around their specific needs...

  3. Txhillbilly

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    Just another reason I'd never live in a neighborhood or city limits for that matter.
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  4. W.T. Sherman

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    no sympathy here, they knew they were moving in a HOA and what that entails. two bit gestapo wannabes dictating how they should live, what they can and can't do on their own property etc...

    there are plenty of places they could have moved into that doesn't have a HOA, but they chose to live there
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    When I was building homes several were in areas that had HOA's or protective covenants and I never could understand why anyone would want to live where someone else had control over their property.

    I live off the road on 10 acres no one tells me what to do, I can pee on the front lawn if I want, well there is one person who would give me grief but after 55 years I think I can bear it! :p
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  6. W.T. Sherman

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    live in the burbs, city pretty much leaves you alone except if you turn your property into a dilapidated eye sore ie. peeling paint on your house or your grass looks like the jungles of VN etc...
  7. RJF22553

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    While only my second home, I did buy one with an HOA - at that time run by the developer. Things weren't too bad at first, but as home sold, the power of the HOA went over to the Nazi wannabees called "neighbors". Added rules, nasty "enforcement", etc.

    When we bought our farm, I gave three main requirements to my wife (who was the one doing the looking): 1) need high-speed internet so I might be able to telecommute; 2) keep in mind I'll still need to commute to the DC area so not way out in the country; and 3) No HOA!

    She got #3 right, at least. Otherwise, it would have been a deal-breaker.

    Our old HOA banned satellite dishes. Fortunately, Federal law prevailed - a big smack-down to them. And as positions changed in the HOA Stasi, things ebbed and flowed. They weren't too bad by the time I sold that house, but by then I had been away for several years.
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  8. alsaqr

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    Yep, some HOAs are run by Hitler wannabees. The folks in this case screwed up by contacting the HOA, no one would have learned of their telecommuting.

    We have a good HOA. Keep the grass cut, maintain seven trees, don't run a business from the home, don't park on the grass and don't build or add on without approval and it's good to go.
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  9. JTJ

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    I rented a house in an HOA one time. I could not get out of their quick enough. It was run by petty losers. We bought a house in an HOA and it was run by successful businessmen. Huge difference. They did things for the people not to the people.
  10. partdeux

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    In a HOA now, biggest decision of my life... well maybe marrying the ex was bigger :)
  11. rock185

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    In the big city, we lived in an HOA neighborhood with many restrictions. It was a very nice neighborhood with nice homes, a wide beautifully landscaped entrance to the neighborhood maintained by the HOA, etc. But personally, after I'd obtained prior written HOA approval in a couple of situations, they notified me I was in violation, and what action they intended to take. Suffice it to say, it got real ugly. I prevailed, but didn't enjoy the experience. We live in a smaller town now, lots of retirees and a much less restrictive HOA. Some years ago though, an HOA board member initiated a vote to establish new restrictions. When his efforts failed, he sold his house and left town. HOAs are a double edged sword.
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  12. microadventure

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    standard lament on ham radio sites: I live in an HOA neighborhood and they won't let me stick up an 80 foot tower. did they have no clue when they signed on to the HOA & CC&R documents?
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  13. c3shooter

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    We moved to Colorado in 94. At the time, you either had 1 house on 35 acres, or 6 houses per acre- and a HOA. The HOA was run by the developer, fees were reasonable- OK.

    Comes the annual meeting- so I show up. Hmmm- no financial info, no annual accounting money in, money out. So I asked.

    Proceeded to get a lecture about how little homeowners paid, how much developer paid, yada yada yada. When they ran down they asked if I had any other questions. Told them they had not answered my first question- where is the annual financial report? More huffing and puffing.

    Stood, said thank you very much- I want you to remember- I DID ask nice. Contacted the state office that has oversight of HOAs FINANCES. Hmmm- seems they had not filed with them, either. 3 weeks later, after a court hearing, mention of the term "contempt of court"- we had one. Couple of us started looking at it. Couple of us went back to the state- who began the investigation for embezzlement. The "President" was using funds to maintain/ repair 2 properties not in the HOA. His and his mother's house.

    Me? I went to the EPA. One of the items had been purchase and application of pesticide for prairie dogs. This is a restricted use item that requires licensing to handle. No license.

    The next year the new board filed a financial report as required. And actually performed maintenance of the common areas. We moved 6 years later. Am back in VA where I can (and have) shot a buck from my back deck.
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  14. W.T. Sherman

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    and then there is this
  15. locutus

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    MY son lives in an HOA development in a very small town.

    All was fine the first 5 or 6 years, then the "Rules Nazis" took over.

    Fortunately, the boy has an excellent legal mind and is damn good at writing "pro-se" lawsuits.

    After 3 suits in the courtroom, they now avoid him like the plague.
  16. jigs-n-fixture

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    When I was in Vegas, I had two HOAs, one for my subdivision, and one for the master development.

    I was still doing heavy construction, and ended up out of town for several months. Came home and the HOA, who controlled the front yards, replaced the decorative gravel next to my garage, and installed grass and a sprinkler system.

    I wouldn’t have minded the grass, but the sprinkler system. But the sprinkler system was sprinkling my house as much as it was the grass.

    I fought with them for two years. Everything in Vegas is gunite stucco. So, it had started to deteriorate, the stucco and the paint was flaking off. And, the master HOA started sending me notices that I needed to paint my house.

    That was finally enough, and I bought three cans of spray foam, and filled the sprinkler pipes with foam. They replaced them, and I filled them again.

    We went to a hearing with the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman informed them that their only purpose was to protect the value of the properties, and they were actively destroying and devaluing mine. They would remove the grass and sprinkler system, and repair and repaint my house. And, since their actions violated the statutes, the Board members would pay for it.

    I decided I’d had enough of Vegas about the time they finished the repairs, and left Vegas for Idaho.
  17. Gatoragn

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    I have a HOA where I live now, not too intrusive, helps maintain uniformity of the subdivision.

    I avoid the ones that have a pool, tennis courts, and other high maintenance "amenities".
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  18. RaySendero

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    HOAs just another governing body.
    Only as good as the people that run it!
  19. jigs-n-fixture

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    The problem I had with mine were that they were all realtors. They were worried only about themselves, and did a lot of self serving things.

    One of them lived across the street from one of our parks. They decided they didn’t like the cars parking across the street from her house. So, they painted 300-feet of curb red. City showed up and made them sand blast it off. We all paid for it.

    They decided the light where the outlet from the subdivision entered a major roadway. They hired a contractor to to re-lamp the street light. Which happened to belong to the City, and it messed up their circuit. We had to pay to re-lamp the whole circuit.

    It was about that time my issues with them came to a head, and the Ombudsman stepped in...
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  20. locutus

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    The problem that I've seen is 90 percent of the home owners do not want to be bothered by serving on the board.

    So the 10 percent of power hungry arse-wholes left take over and get everything f'ed up.