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    I found a HK33 parts kit on Atlantic firearms - AR15 & AK47 rifles - Olympic arms at wholesale The site says the kit does not come with a receiver so I started looking up receivers. Is there a fully automatic receiver for this gun that I can purchase in the U.S.? I found a few receivers but they do not specify if it is a one shot, burst shot or fully automatic. Also I found AK47 parts kit. Can I get some feedback about which is a better gun to build and own
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    this is a ****ing joke, right?

    april fools is over.

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    OK, I will toe the party line here and try to maintain neutrality...

    Building a full auto out of an HK-33 parts kit is a Federal offense and will get you an extended stay at the Federal pound you in the a$$ prison (5-15 yrs).

    Even asking the question on an open forum will raise everyone's red flags. In a time when the Feds are cracking down on Inbred Militia members in the Midwest such questions are automatically grouped into one of maybe three categories;
    1. Nut job wannabe militia type that will get the members of this forum into trouble they do not need or deserve.
    2. Undercover Federal agent from the FBI, BATFE, etc looking for someone stupid enough to give instructions on how to make an illegal machinegun so THEY can do the 5-15
    3. Noob, Rookie, neophyte, etc that just does not know better than asking such a question.

    I will heretofore presume you are in category #3.
    No you cannot legally make a full auto HK-33 from these parts kits. There are receiver blanks that can be jigged and welded to make a receiver, a semi-auto only receiver. You can then assemble your own SEMI-AUTO HK-93 clone rifle and do so legally.