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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by DMan7, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Newbie here. Am interested in doing some minor smithing on my USP compact .40. Curious if anyone has done this before, and can offer any tips or suggestions. Here's what I'd like to do, and the questions:

    1) Variant Conversion. Mine is currently variant 3 - with decocker. I'd like to change it to variant 1 - with safety and decocker. All this is required is a new detente plate and lever. I can get the parts. It looks like the lever can just slide out (with some persuasion). Anyone ever try this? The armorers manual just says - 'remove the lever', but I'm curious to know if there's more to this.

    2) Roll Pins - I want to remove/replace some roll pins that appear rusty. Will a properly sized brass drift and hammer get these out, or is an arbor-press better suited to push them out? Also, I can't seem to find these roll pins for purchase. Any suggestions?

    3) Lanyard Pin - theres a pin at the base of the handgrip for a lanyard loop thats rusted as well. Is that just a push out? arbor press? Hammer and drift?

    4) Sights - Need to replace the sights with new high visibility models. It appears I can brass-drift these out of their trapezoidal slots on the slide, just want to check. Also, I think that with some careful dial-caliper measurements and some arithmetic I can reset the new sights exactly where the old ones were. Any sage advice on this?

    5) Fixturing/Jigging - all the above is predicated on being able to properly secure the firearm. All I have is a standard bench vise, but with rubber pads. Is this good enough?

    Thanks for your help!
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    You can do everything you asked about but I'd just clean up the rusted roll pins (I assume only minor surface rust) and keep them from rusting in the future. Changing the sites-I'd strongly recommend using a site pusher. The lanyard pin is a drift out affair with a brass pin punch. You can use the rubber lined vise as long as you are careful.