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    I was looking at one of the hk mp5 clone pistols in 9mm. CDNN has one in the current AD for ~$700 anyone have any experience with this model? They call it the "nightscout".

    Can I swap out the barrel with a longer length? 12" would do nice things to the accuracy/velocity. I understand it would take some gunsmithing, not my first hk parts build. Just are there any legal issues. It is classed and sold as a pistol already so no retracting shoulder stock. Can I reregister this as a sbr and add a shoulder stock? Anyone have any idea? Tax stamp and background check is not a problem. Just need to know if it's possible.
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  2. robocop10mm

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    Yes it is legal to "SBR" it (with the tax stamp, of course).

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    Depending on your local laws of course. Once you have your paperwork together, there should be an limites on what you can do to it accesory wise......(besides full auto and your wallet of course)


    This thread is useless with out pics :p