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    Would you pick-up a Hitch-Hiker now-days ???...I picked-up a guy on hwy 44 south-bound,about twenty years ago,his name was Loyde Goldberry and he was from Tomsriver,New-Jersey and he was going to Denver to see his sister,but he came to my sisters for a few days in Arkansas,we rode dirt-bikes and fished,and then I took him to the hwy and he left..Anyway..He came threw St.Louis on his way to his sisters house every few years or so and stopped by and stayed at my mom and dads house a few days and would leave again..He just came to St.Louis this past Feburary with his uncle tom and we went-up in the Arch,and the Cosino's on the river front,and out to eat a few times..My mom and dad stayed in his driveway in a motorhome a few years back with a electric cord out to there motor-home in New-Jersey...Well,We just got a call that Loyde Died a week-ago and I'll miss-him,coming by every few years to stay and say hi...Just wanted to tell my story about someone that I never would think I'd be still talking about twenty years later from pulling-over and saying...GET-IN....Best wishes to his 3 girls and his wife....
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    in wisconsin its illegal to hitch hike. when i see one asking for rides i call 911 give a description and location. im always willing to help hitch hikers get rides!!

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    I live in the country. When I say country, few years ago, I shot a 6 pointer while I was standing on my DECK.

    People unknown to me? Rarely. The guy wearing a hardhat, carrying lunchbox? Maybe. Of course, there is Butch. EVERYONE here knows Butch. Hell, there was a bumper sticker for a while that says "I brake for Butch". Butch lost his license due to blackouts. EVERYONE gives Butch a lift.

    My condolences on the loss of a long term friend. There are not a lot of those around.

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    Hea..I think it's illegal in Missouri now-days also...He had a big back-pack on back when I picked him-up,So you could tell he was traveling across country..I didn't think much of-it at the time....The T.V.Show..The Hitch-Hiker..was a scary show,and would make you think twice....
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    I have no problem picking up hitch hikers. I don't let the wife when she's alone. I'm a strong believer in common cliche "guns make a polite society". If I didn't cc I probably wouldn't pick up hikers anymore.
    Only time I had a bad experience was a couple years ago I had a drunk dude pass out in my back seat. Took me a hour to get him out of the truck.

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    Due to the area that i live in i would have to deny a ride to a hitch hiker 11 out of 10 time. :D
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    I've tried to hitch a ride a few times. Every time I ended up walking all the way there. If I had a concealment licence I would totally pick someone up. I wish someone woulda picked me up. But no gun, no ride. Unless its a lady. In which case I will certainly lend a hand.
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    I'm generally the hitchhiker. Usually they make it clear that they have a gun, and I usually point out that I have a pretty non threatening knife just to be polite, however once it was my aunt and cousins.
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    I never pick up hitchhikers, ever. As a woman, I don't think it is a good idea.