Hipoint 40 S&W

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  1. SIarsenal

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    Hello everyone,
    Well many people don't care for Hipoint because I believe mainly the cost. (IMHO). Myself I own 2 of them and am quite pleased with reilability, cost, and effectiveness. S&I Arsenal has done a series on the Hipoint format and this is the latest, some of you may like or dislike this video because we had major issues with magazines right out of the box but to be fair we hasd to air. I am sure this will justify some haters, But S&I still stand by the series because all in all the weapons performed well. And to be honest the Magazine issue is an easy fix many youtube videos on tuneups and the great Hipoint warranty 100% no questions asked EVER will take care of it.

  2. wknight40

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    And mad in the USA. Thought about buying one but nobody here carried any.

  3. Franklin1995

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    I recall a thread about under-rated gun designs recently, and I think one of the ones members here agreed on was Hi-Point.

    Personally, I don't think I will ever own one. We can all agree that they are not the best pistol out there, and most will agree that they wouldn't feel comfortable carrying one for SD.

    That being said though, they serve a very good purpose. Hi-Points are good cheap plinkers, beaters, or even a good first pistol for people to see if they are interested in shooting. They are good for people who can't afford to pay $400-$500 for a new Glock or M&P.

    A Hi-Point pistol is one of the most ugly guns I have ever seen :p But it does it's job well. Some people just don't know what exactly that job is.
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    Ugly, heavy, and cheaply made. I have one in .45. Hasn't let me down yet. :)

    No offense and none taken
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    Good glovebox/toolbox or nightstand gun. Not a carry piece!
  6. rick-ky

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    I've never owned a Hi Point, but I have been very impressed by the fact that, for all the criticism they get over their looks, balance, etc, people who own them consistently report satisfactory performance. I think that's an achievement at that price point.
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    My only real objection is the failure to do a proper clean & lube a NIB handgun prior to use (or if it was done, it was not mentioned.) Who knows, it may have prevented some of the problems.
    I've gotta ask, what exactly is being proven at ranges of 3 & 5 yards?
    I would also suggest that more than one brand of ammo should have been brought along for the test. For all we know, this gun might have been excellent with another brand of ammo. Additionally, since it's inferred that this test is intended to validate the pistol for HD use, perhaps some actual SD ammo should have been included as well.
  8. FAS1

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    "Hopefully, reliable" is not a feature I look for in any gun, especially for defense. I would need to shoot at least 500-600 rounds through it before I would determine if it was worthy for SD/HD.

    Thanks for the honest review.

    GUN5L1NGER New Member

    From personal experience I have fired thousands of rounds through several Hi Points with absolutely no issues. Inexpensive doesn't necessarily mean cheap.

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    Kind of a "Thread archeologits", huh.
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    I've owned my Hi-Point 40 for around 6+yrs now. It's not let me down yet. I even used it for my CCW testing without fail. I finally broke down last year and cleaned it thoroughly and polished the feed ramp to help with better round to chamber insertion. One thing I found is if you don't hold with firm grip, you WILL have a FTF due to the limp wrist scenario. Mine also likes to be oiled regularly too. I've not had any magazine problems.