Hilton Yam's personal duty gun up for sale tomorrow

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    Note: this is just for an FYI only (I am not affiliated in any way with 10-8 Performance)...

    Several of you probably know who Hilton Yam is, but for those who do not - ex-LEO, gunsmith, 1911 self-defense/combat techniques trainer & owner of 10-8 Performance.
    Each part of the pistol is fully custom including the frame & slide and he documents his builds on Facebook.
    In short, this is one totally awesome 1911...
    Here is the notification:
    I think you have to go to 10-8's Facebook page to see more pics of the gun
    Too rich for my blood (at $6499) but one of you high rollers may want to pick it up :)
    SUNDAY 05/06 Noon EST:
    The Echo 1911 Build!
    It pains me terribly to have to post this for sale, but the Echo 1911 build is going to be posted for sale tomorrow at noon EST. This pistol has been my personal gun for training, teaching, and USPSA competition for over a year now, and like all the other builds that I swore "never to sell," it needs to go in order to make way for new projects.

    When reviewing the build sheet below, you'll see that every single component on this pistol is the finest forged or bar stock component possible, with many being unique parts that are not available for resale. The pistol is totally unique, even among my own builds, and will be a special addition to anyone's collection. Please also keep in mind that my full pistol builds are so infrequent and rare these days that they make hen's teeth, blue moons, and unobtainium all seem pretty common. I have only averaged 2-3 builds per year over the last few years, and this is the first one being offered this year.

    When this pistol is posted tomorrow at NOON EST, reply to the email in order to purchase. Please note that the Charlie and Delta builds took about 6 minutes and 30 seconds respectively to sell, so this pre-announcement email is your time to ponder, not tomorrow.

    The Echo build is the fifth in the current alpha phonetic call sign builds, preceded of course by Alpha through Delta. This pistol served as my personal 1911 since its completion, and the entire build process was chronicled in detail on the 10-8 Facebook page (click here to see the album). This pistol has the following features:

    Custom specification 10-8 Performance frame, made for 10-8 by Pistol Dynamics. One of only 10 frames in this series, and the first build on this frame set. Echo is currently still the only build on this set of frames.
    First 10-8 build to feature this pattern of front and rear cocking serrations on slide
    Stainless 10-8 match barrel, fit using "AMU Hard Fit" method
    Stainless barrel bushing with recessed crown treatment
    GI spec guide rod with 10-8 concave spring plug
    20 lpi front strap checkering cut by hand. One of very few guns that I have hand checkered in the last several years.
    Wilson BulletProof Ambi safety
    10-8 GI pattern flat head grip screws
    Flat head slotted mag catch lock
    Rear sight - 10-8 Performance, .375" height LoMount cut, .140" notch
    Front sight - .100" wide, .185" tall fiber optic.
    10-8 Performance trigger, flat
    EGW sear and disconnector
    First prototype of 10-8 bobbed hammer with hidden internal lightening cuts
    Trigger job set to 4.0 lbs
    10-8 Performance mag catch scoop grip panels, 5lpi Hyena Brown G10
    10-8 mag catch
    10-8 Gen 2 slide stop
    10-8 machined beavertail - this beavertail is machined from a big block of bar stock, and is unique to my builds.
    EGW HD extractor and square firing pin stop
    Wolff springs throughout, including 17lb recoil, XP firing pin, and 19lb main springs.
    Mag well - proprietary 10-8 design mag well, replacing bottom of frame with unique interface used under exclusive license from Pistol Dynamics/Briley. Echo is only one of 4 builds which have this mag well (Alpha, Bravo, and India also have it).
    Extremely thorough and comprehensive carry bevel, all completed by hand
    Black manganese phosphate Parkerizing; newly refinished and gun has not been fired since refinishing
    Fired approximately 5460 rounds total"
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    Great gun! I'm sure someone will pony-up and get a max-custom 1911.

    And for you guys that like the flat trigger, here's the best. The 10-8 trigger is designed for service, not match use.


    Note the stirrup, it's a service style like JMB designed it!


    This is the Wilson Combat Ultralight Match trigger.

    In a PD action I don't think I'd want to pull this Wilson with my adrenalin-charged trigger finger.

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    Yes, 10-8 parts are really great stuff...
    I have the 10-8 flat trigger in both my Springer loaded and my EB Kobra.
    I have also put the 10-8 sights - both fiber optic front and plain black combat rear on the EB and just installed a 10-8 FO front sight on my GSG .22 1911.
    1st class stuff!