Hillary working behind the scenes to get it done!

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    Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the international anti-gun gang are almost giddy.

    The UN Programme Against Small Arms begins meeting in New York City this Monday, August 27th. Unlike the “Small Arms Treaty,” the Programme doesn’t require a vote in Congress.

    It’s the same radical anti-gun policy, only this can be directly implemented on U.S. citizens. Some of it is already being enforced.

    Hillary’s State Department recently bragged that the corrupt “Fast & Furious” and “Gunwalker” operations were implementations of the Programme. They almost sounded proud of the murder and mayhem caused by Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

    In the same report, Hillary also revealed that Obama’s ongoing efforts to destroy over one million historic M1 Garands, M1 Carbines and 1911 Colt .45’s is driven by the UN Programme’s global gun grab scheme.

    “I just want you to know that we are working on it [gun control],” President Obama promised Sarah Brady in a recent meeting. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

    As part of the UN Programme implementation during “Fast & Furious,” Obama worked to shut down gun and ammo sales anywhere near the border. He did it via executive fiat, without any action from Congress whatsoever.

    This is EXACTLY the kind of “process” they are going through “under the radar,” only now they want to take it nationwide. Firearms registration is just one of the many anti-gun schemes that is on the table next week at the Programme in New York. And in the wake of the Colorado and Wisconsin tragedies, the left-leaning media is screaming for more.

    Last month, NAGR’s 1.4 million members and supporters played a key role in stalling the UN “Small Arms Treaty.”

    Despite Hillary’s vocal support for global gun control, she and her State Department bureaucrats were forced to back off the treaty negotiations in New York. Much to their chagrin, the conference ended without a completed treaty.

    Thanks to your hard work, gun owners dodged a bullet.

    But Hillary and the petty tyrants at the UN already had the next shot at the UN Gun Ban in the chamber and ready to fire.

    The “Small Arms Treaty” is just one of the many tools they have in their gun-grabbing tool box. Next up is the UN Programme Against Small Arms, and it’s is a HUGE opportunity to push the UN Gun Ban.

    The Programme will meet from August 27th through September 7th at UN Headquarters in New York City to push the very same anti-gun agenda:
    *** Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding Americans cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally;

    *** CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL "unauthorized" civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);

    *** BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons;

    *** Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION.
    And the real danger is that after our temporary victory over the treaty in July, many gun owners will “go home” and stop standing up to Hillary, Obama and the UN tyrants.

    Obama knows he must rally his anti-gun allies for November, and as already stated, he is pushing their defunct schemes “under the radar” to get the job done.

    NAGR will bring you up-to-the minute reports on the UN Programme Against Small Arms throughout the next two weeks.

    Stay tuned.

    For Freedom,

    Dudley Brown
    Executive Vice President

    P.S. In order to stop this next UN Gun Ban attack, I need to contact millions of gun owners.

    Because so many are focused on other things now, the Programme Against Small Arms may prove much more difficult stop than the July treaty conference.

    Would you chip in $10 or $20 in this urgent fight? We’ve been working ever since the treaty stalled last month to alert freedom-loving Americans against the deadly-serious Programme Against Small Arms.

    Please chip in $10 or $20 to give NAGR all the necessary
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    Got a link to this by any chance?

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    Thank you Clem for the good read!

    We should bring the ropes back! In the Middle East, 5 men with masks, and one rope, done. Last words they say is GO to HELL!

    Barack Obama is a true communist, I don't like him. I don't like him because of his ideas on the 2nd Amendment.. That's it, point blank.. That's my reason. Now, with Obamacare shutting down half of the nations hospitals in the next decade.. and I am a nurse? Yes, now I can freely say he can go **** himself...
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    Hillary said she was done after this term.
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    willshoum, a PM has been sent to you. Please read it.
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    We need a link to this and verification from at least one other source. I'm sorry, I'll be one of the first to proclaim my hatred for that nasty (expletive), but this is pieced together from too much old information. It screams of alarmism to me.

    Not saying we shouldn't be alarmed, we most definitely should, I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if this is from a plea to "please make a donation now do we can help fight this"
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    About time to start sharpening sticks and rocks gonna be hard to conceal a spear.
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    I thought the annual meeting ended in late July and they came out of it without a treaty. This being the first I've heard of another conference.... it almost sounds like another "we need a donation" message. Idunno. All I can say is I haven't heard anything out of the NRA or GOA about it yet.
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    I copped it from my email.
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    Here is some stuff I found. From what I gather from reading the UN background on this is they (the UN) are wanting to pass International law that manufacturers have to register every gun made to the UN authorities. In turn, the gun would be registered to the holder of the gun, giving a solid link to who owns the gun. In all this, they reference 'gun-owners' as States (governments) rather than individuals. Individual gun ownership wasn't mentioned that I could find. I suspect the UN position might be 'Of course you can own weapons. They just have to be registered.' And we know where that leads!
    There are active links within the articles. Open the links for more info.


    Confirmed: Obama's small arms treaty would take away 2nd amendment

    Barack Obama is hoping that the Aurora, CO theater shooting will give him the votes he needs to ratify the United Nations "small arms treaty." Obama had previously placed the treaty on the backburner, thinking it would never be passed by Congress. It was immediately after the theater shooting that the Obama administration suddenly decided to revive the treaty.

    In June of 2011, Forbes magazine wrote about the proposed treaty. The magazine said it targets the rights of US citizens and would effectively nullify the 2nd amendment.

    Critics have called it the "secret treaty" because the public has not even been allowed to see the final version. However, a copy was leaked to the public two days ago. The leaked copy shows that it clearly threatens private ownership of firearms in the United States.

    The treaty says that “Each State Party shall adopt national legislation or other appropriate national measures regulations and policies as may be necessary to implement the obligations of this Treaty.”

    In other words, the US government would agree to follow the dictates of the United Nations ongun control laws. This would violate US sovereignty, the 2nd amendment, and the 10th amendment.

    The treaty in way shape or form guarantees individual firearms rights. The treaty speaks of a "collective" rights to self-defense. The treaty says that people can have a collective right or an individual right. Currently Americans have both. Why should we give up one of them? Under the treaty, individuals must then rely on the government for protection. Click here to read the full treaty.

    The Colorado theater shooter picked the city with the most municipal anti-gun laws in the state. Colorado is a shall issue concealed carry state. However, thirteen Colorado cities have banned concealed carry within city limits. Aurora is one of theme. Aurora goes even further. Municipal law bans the use of firearms by minors. It is illegal to have a loaded gun in your car within city limits.

    Is it any surprise that all spree shooting occur in "gun free zones?"



    Monday, 16 July 2012 08:20
    UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on Small Arms: Gun Grab Gradualism
    Written by Thomas R. Eddlem
    The United Nations is polishing up a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) this month in a New York convention that would create a global registry of private ownership of firearms. This treaty — which would also mandate creation of a national collection agency for those guns and is contrary to the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment — has the long-standing and enthusiastic backing of the Obama State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    “Conventional arms transfers are a crucial national security concern for the United States, and we have always supported effective action to control the international transfer of arms,” Hillary Clinton noted as early as October 14, 2009. Clinton boasted that “the United States regularly engages other states to raise their standards and to prohibit the transfer or transshipment of capabilities to rogue states, terrorist groups, and groups seeking to unsettle regions.” Of course, that speech was delivered at the same time the Obama administration was transferring some 2,000 small arms to Mexican drug gangs in the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal.
    The State Department website nevertheless absurdly continues to boast that “The United States has in place an extensive and rigorous system of controls that most agree is the 'gold standard' of export controls for arms transfers.”
    In view of such obviously false public statements, one may question the sincerity of Obama State Department promises about “redlines” to the UN ATT, which supposedly protect the Second Amendment: “The Second Amendment to the Constitution must be upheld. There will be no restrictions on civilian possession or trade of firearms otherwise permitted by law or protected by the U.S. Constitution. There will be no dilution or diminishing of sovereign control over issues involving the private acquisition, ownership, or possession of firearms, which must remain matters of domestic law.” The Obama State Department also promises “There will be no mandate for an international body to enforce an ATT........”

    Click on link for the rest of the article.
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    Hillary done after this term? Done doing what? She is a political invention gone wrong.
    Knows no other reality than to to trouble the waters in politics.
    She sucks up and bows down to the Bilderberg group. A desperate wanna-be!
    She, not unlike Frankenstein, will be around for a very long time.
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    Too much of this is old info, and smacks of "Panic and send me your money"- a tactic that Mr. Brown seems to use a LOT.
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    que wet blanket

    eyeah, cept that she actually said that she's done....several times. As fun as it is to think of her and bama as "immortal demons that will stay in power FOREVER unless they are stopped," theyre just people and people get f**ing tired of the BS eventually. THEY ALL DO
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    How much of this is actually true?
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    Finally found it:

    Personally, I tend to believe that on this subject we are in more danger from our own federal government than the UN. I'm no fan of snopes, but what they write about this pretty much confirms what I got from reading the UN treaties of 2001 and 2006.
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    Here it is from the main source on the web, UN itself:



    Here is the conference from the 27 Aug to 7 Sep 2012:



    We, the States participating in the Second Review Conference of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects, convened in New York from 27 August to 7 September 2012 to review the progress of implementation and explore ways to strengthen implementation,
    reaffirm our support and commitment to implement all the provisions of the Programme of Action and the International Tracing Instrument, with a view to ending the human suffering caused by the illicit trade in and uncontrolled spread of small arms and light weapons.
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    This thread is so full of misinformation I don't even know where to start and if I did try to inject some logic, I'm not sure if it would do any good anyway.

    But the first thing in the second sentence is just a blatant lie "The UN Programme Against Small Arms" see how that sounds? Pretty Alarming right? Well it's bull crap the actual program is called "Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects." Sounds just a little bit different doesn't it?
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    "Personally, I tend to believe that on this subject we are in more danger from our own federal government than the UN. I'm no fan of snopes, but what they write about this pretty much confirms what I got from reading the UN treaties of 2001 and 2006." Ellis

    Correct, The UN is no danger to our nations whatsoever unless our our own elected officials allow them to be. Hillary and Barry would open that door in a minute if they believed they could get away with it but neither wants to be remembered as the cause of The Dem Party getting tosses out of Washington like smelly garbage.

    I read some of that Programme of Action dissertation. Wow is that long, hell our second A is only a couple short phrases, theirs must be better, they used many more words! Must be the folks that penned OB Care were brought in for an encore performance for UN gun control! It reads like the whos who of FOOG (For Our Own Good). They are gonna save the world from us one way or another whether we like it or not!

    The best defense against the UN, NATO, Taterdicks and tyrants is to elect a president and congress that will refuse to raise the blue flag of the UN above our Red, White and Blue! Barry and his merry band of FOOG-ots, I mean Stugots (Italian, look it up) have more interest in placating foreign leaders than our citizens so Barry Oh's gotta go!!