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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by thirtyought, Apr 9, 2007.

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    So, is there anyone out there who uses bolt action, maybe something higher powered than the max. 220 grains of the .30-06? I haven't tried them, although feeling them fire next to me at the range does give me some idea of their appeal. So, what's the heaviest load you use, any why? (I use a 180 grain for elk and deer, although it seems a little overkill for deer)
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    Big Question, I does truly depend on the caliber. A 180 grain 30.06 (.308) gives you the best of all options in the lower 48. Now a 270 grain 9.3 bullet out of a 9.3x57 is a hammer out to 200 yards. On the other side a 140 grain 6.5(6.5x55) is the best from 0 to 300 yards. The BC is incredible. I also love 175 grain 8x57 at 2700-fps, it is also a hammer! For all intensive purposes, a 140 grain 6.5x55 is as deadly as a 180 grain 30.06, because of BC. All three have one thing in common, your game goes down. Don't worry about the bench next door, shoot what is most accurate. Jim