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    Hey guys. My dad and I were going through the barn the other day and we found an old High Standard HD Military Model and we managed to date it back to the '30s after talking to my grandfather. The spring in the magazine is rusted to hell and the slide doesn't slide back properly so even if I were to get the magazine to properly work the case would not eject after the weapon was fired. I can remove the slide easily and when I did I noticed that the spring in the top of the slide was crooked. I was wondering if anyone knew either: a) where I could get the parts to fix it; or, b) if there is a place I could send it for proper gunsmith work. Thanks!

    Here's what the weapon looks like http://forum.ih8mud.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=219327&d=1206711265 <-- this one isn't mine; I just found a picture online.
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    There is a excellent gunsmith in Centerville Indiana named Vern Trester. You should be able to find him on the Internet by putting in his name. He is one of the finest gunsmiths I have ever known and he has been smithing for years. Hope that helps! I would let a competent Gunsmith work on the pistol if it was mine. As you know they have not made them for some years now. That is a nice pistol. How is the bore?


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    The bore is great. The weapon is in immaculate condition except for all the springs and the slide. I cleaned it thoroughly.
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