High Standard M1911A1 & SCCY 9MM

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    Did a quick trip to the range today to break in 2 new pistols, the first is a High Standard M1911A1 and the second was a SCCY 9mm. In the first 5 minuets of shooting I managed to blow away my target sticks so the rest of the time the paper hung from tree's.

    First the 1911, which I have to say blew me away. This is my first time shooting a full size goverment model and wow, butter smooth does not even descibe it, I am a Glock guy and I never got this feeling from any of my Glocks. Anyway fired off a 100 or so rounds without ONE malfunction, simply amazing, then it happened. During a mag swap I dropped a mag and it dug into the sugar sand, I pulled it out blew it off shook it and fully expecting it to jam the works slapped it in and kept shooting. After being filled with sand from head to toe it ran flawlessly for the rest of the day. Accuracy is what I expected, very well suited to do its job and I have no complaints.

    Next is the SCCY, which I expected to be awsome and it did not let me down. My wife only had one jam with steel case ammo from the mag not being fully seated, a quick slap and it went back into battery and ran good the rest of the day. The DAO trigger on the SCCY is a little hard to get use to but this was her first time shooting with her eyes open and she was getting solid hits on target at 15 yards.

    All targets were shot offhand at 15 yards, the first is the accuracy test of the M1911A1, 14 shots. The other two were a mix of both guns.

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  2. JonM

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    now you understand why the 1911 has been around so long and remained in service through 2 world wars and numerous other conflicts... its been proven in the worst fighting conditions imaginable.

  3. trip286

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    Those Hi Standards really are about the most impressive entry level 1911 out there. I handled on in a gun store, and I'm pretty sure it was smoother than the Springfield Armory Milspec I later bought. Not gonna hear me knock the Springer though.
  4. JW357

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    Awesome. I love the no frills GI looking 1911. I think my first one will be a plain-Jane one.
  5. wknight40

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    I know nothing about the 1911 but I do own the SCCY.

    It is a decent little pistol for it's price. Watch for the pins walking and keep the slide lubed. It will help with the FTF's. Another thing is with the mag springs. A lot of them were installed backwards. Remove them and make sure the top coil is point higher in the front. If you have not done so you may want to give SCCY a call and have them check the serial number to see if it needs any updates. If it does the turn around is usually less than a week. Had mine sent in on a Monday and had it back in my hands on that Friday. You can also get free stuff, t-shirts, coozies, key rings. All you have to do is ask. The warranty stays with the pistol not the owner so if you buy a used one or sell it the pistol is still under warranty.