High Point ?

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  1. Fisherking

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    What is the deal on High point ? they are selling for so cheap at my local gun store.
    I usualy go buy the rule you get what you pay for.
    Are there any redeaming qualities to them or do they just make a cool looking paper wieght?:confused:
  2. Dillinger

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    Eh, The Hi-Point isn't the Gold Standard in finer firearms purchases, that is for sure, but it's not the absolute bottom of the barrel either. ( I would reserve that distinction for Colt since Cane seems to pimp them in every thread :D )

    The problem with the Hi-point is the material used in the construction of the weapon. While it's not the cheap Chinese pot metal, it's not that much greater. Lots of stamped parts and the fit and finish are "rough" to say the least.

    On the Plus Side:

    They are 100% American Made
    They offer a Lifetime Warranty ( which you will probably end up taking advantage of at some point :rolleyes: )
    They are +P and reload warrantied from the manufacturer

    The reliability is something that I would be seriously concerned about, because the tolerances just aren't there.

    That said, there are several forum members here that have one and don't seem to have many problems.


  3. NGIB

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    This is a good plan.

    While they are generally functional, they are also large and clunky...
  4. skullcrusher

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    The above statements are correct. I own the .45 pistol, and it is just a plinker for me. The pistols function fine but the magazines are made with thin metal and a weak spring. I have over 2k rounds through mine with only a hand full of hiccups in the form of fail to feed which are easy to clear.

    I don't use it for home or self defense. They are not lights out shooters nor are they the most reliable guns out there, but the rear sight is adjustable. They do function, they have lifetime warranty (even transferrable) and they are made in Ohio.

    Let me add this: if I felt like my Hi-Point was enough for shooting, defense and even value retention, I would have never purchased a Springfield Armory 1911 which I did. :)
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  5. Rex in OTZ

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    I have a 995 carbine its been a safe and reliable gun so far, the coldest its been fired was -26F it shoots FMJ and trunicated hollowpoints and lead slug all in the same mag without a hitch, so far I use only the supplied factory mags which work well, being in rural Alaska I didnet like the undersize triggerguard so changed the stock to a different type.
    its been a good gun that hasent failed to function and is reasonably accurate for a 9mm semi auto carbine. For the money I have in it ($14.73) its been one hell of a good gun.

    The $14.73 was what I spent mailing parcel post for repairs, the original buyer had blown it up shooting reloads out of it and threw it away, the company repaired it for free and sent it back to me in brandnew condition.
    they have a lifetime warrenty of the firearm, theve even replaced ones burnt in a house fire for free.
  6. DavidTurley

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    My friend owns one in 9mm we put about 200 rounds through it a couple of weeks ago with no problems.
  7. doctherock

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    I can tell you the carbines are good, dont know bout the pistols
  8. jamests1975

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    My brother has one and its always worked for him,but because of it being so heavy its not practical for carry.Cant beat the price though!

    SHAMUSPI New Member

    Their design is a simple, pinned blow-back. My friend was all "eyes" over the $199 price tag for a 45.Well, he has his first carry gun, but won't, because it is so heavy. Yes, for a casual prinker, it is fine. But don't stake your life on it.:eek:
  10. RadioActiV

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    Hi-Point pistols

    I have the C9 (compact 9mm) Hi-Point and I haven't had any troubles with mine what so ever. I even carry it from time to time. I have about 2500 rounds through it and it's had maybe 3 failure to loads. One was because the casing on the shell was crimped wrong. The others was just the gun telling me it needed to be cleaned. All in all I think they are cheaply made, but They do what they are suppose to! Plus you can't beat the warranty. Kinda like the craftsman hand tools thing. Some say they are crap but you'll always find them in their tool box.
  11. glockink

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    I would NEVER own one.