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    one of the guys at work was talking highly about these guns. i have never even heard of them and don't trust a gun that is only 200 dollars for a .45 caliber. does any one on here have any experience or knowledge about these guns. thanks for the replies.
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    Highpointy 1911

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    I have a C9 9mm. never jammed works great. Took my carry class with mine and the instructor saw it and said good luck with that. I shot a perfect score better than some who were shooting the clubs competition pistols. I bought it for $139 brand new at a gun show. I have to recomend it.
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    A Hi-Point is a good pistol for the money, I wouldn't pay $200 for one. You can get the NIB for less than $150. Not going to use it as a carry weapon, but to keep in the truck or just go to the range to fire of some rounds, nothing wrong at all.

    I'd take it over a Glock.:eek::D
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    I was looking for something that was reliable,cheaper than my hk, held more rounds than my hk, and that I could leave in my jeep so that if I was stolen I wouldn't be out much.
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    hi-point is the best way to go. I bought one so did my brother and my nephew. At a show 380 and 9 go for about $140 and about $160 for 40 and 45 they are on the same frame. heres their web site.

    Welcome to Hi-Point Firearms
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    I have the .45, basically because it is .45 ACP. I have said this many times here and I will say it again. I would never carry it because it is too big, heavy and bulky. I don't have it as my #1 or #2 home defense gun, but if I had to go to it, I would. For no more than they cost, they are functional and they hit the target. They have a lifetime guarantee and very good customer service (from what I hear as I have never had to use their CS).

    The company is still in business even with their transferrable lifetime guarantee and they sell a ton and a half firearms every year. I believe they may have had 2 models of handguns that made the top 10 most sold by Buds Guns last year.

    Oh, and they are made in Ohio by Ohioans.

    Carry piece, no. Truck, tackle box or tool box gun, yes. Personally, with the very little difference in price, the 9mm or .45 is the way to go, should you decide to buy one.

    Oh, and I would buy one before a Glock as well.
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    Ugly as sin, but they are cheap and go boom when you pull the trigger. Friend of mine has a .45 that he's never had a problem with.
  9. danf_fl

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    Aren't they with a barrel fixed to frame and rely on the weight of the slide to not release until pressure has dropped?
  10. WDB

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    Says it all
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    Perfect truck/tacklebox guns.

    Don't worry about the snobs...they wouldn't buy a Llama .45 for $150 either.

    The High Points are inexpensive, do what they are supposed to, and are heavyer than the average .45, but the Customer Service is great and the lifetime warranty is beautiful.

    It ain't a CCW weapon due to the bulk, but heck, ANY full-size .45 fits that category.

    Enjoy :)
  12. scherertech

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    Great for backup in the pickup, or car!

    The only reason I got rid of mine is I got someone to pay $50 more than what I paid for it, I actually miss it. It was a blast to plink with and it only jammed once, that could have been because I reload, and at the time did not know what the heck I was doing. I sure hope I do now. I actually will probably pick one up again after I get what I want, I have a list and when that is done, then I will get another.
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    Hi Point

    I've shot quite a few Hi Points. They are very good for the cost. A $150 semi auto that is reliable is a steal if you think about it. It's not a gun that I'm planning on picking up, but if it was a Hi Point vs anything else for that price. I'd be hard pressed to beat it.

    Happy Shooting
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    I prefer military surplus pistols over the really cheap brands like high point.

    For about the same price,you can get a much more feature packed weapon,even if there is no warranty.I would suppose that doesnt matter much to me cause I can pretty much fix most things that might go wrong with a gun.
    All of these guns were accepted for military service and some of them have actually acquired a decent battlefield reputation-

    Makarov PM-

    Sort of like a battlefield-hardened Walther.These are super awesome and you should get one even if it costs a little more than a hi-point.They have chromed bores and great ergonomics.I know of no problems with these that need to be fixed before you can actually carry them,they are good to go out of the box,which justifies their price range as being a little higher than the super-duper low prices on most of the other pistols here.Expect to pay anywhere from $250-300.


    For around 200 bucks,you get a reliable,Czech made high capacity pistol with modern ambidextrous controls and a chromed bore/chamber.Also that bore is polygonal,if that matters to you.
    Its in 9x18 makarov,would likely need a new finish,and there is a spring issue with the slide catch-easily fixed-on some pistols.

    Hungarian PA-63-

    9x18 makarov Walther PP clone.Some wont feed some JHPs reliably -just like the original Walther-,but it has a light aluminum/titanium alloy frame,chrome bore and is basically a Walther PP.
    Will need spring changes that can be difficult,to cure a seriously hard and nasty double action trigger pull.
    Should cost no more than 150 clams.


    Full size service arms both in the very hot 7.62x25 Tokarev cartridge.
    The CZ52 will need a new firing pin as the original one is brittle.
    The TT33 has a Browning locking system and both are around 200 bucks.
    The TT33 should be 'out of the box' good,but the CZ will need some TLC.The CZ is also a bit of an ergonomic oddball and has a flawed decocker safety design,and some people cant stand them.
    But the plus for the CZ is that it has a roller lockup system like a MG42.
    Both of these guns make GREAT 'truck guns' because they are so low-cost you wont have a cow if some jerk steals them.

    Thats just a small list,theres others out there that are good too like the Polish P-64.

    You should practice a discriminating eye on all prospective military surplus weapons-look for matching numbers,worn parts,broken parts,etc.
    Some problems are normal like the brittle CZ52 pin or the spring issue with the CZ82.
    Both can be fixed very easily and cheaply.

    Generally,its a good idea to get new springs,and in some cases like the CZ52,a new part for any military surplus sidearm before you can really consider them 'serviceable'.

    An exception is the Makarov and maybe the TT33-but you should really get those new springs for any surplus weapon.

    The plus side to that is that you are actually customizing your own weapons.
    When you get to choose the mainspring power and recoil spring power,you can make the pistol fit you better.Also,you start doing your own sights,grips and finishes-you have a flock of guns set up *just* for you and at an economy price.

    I prefer to do that over the cheap blow back pistols.

    But of course,YMMV.
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  15. lonyaeger

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    How do you sleep? ;)
  16. doctherock

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    Dont know much about the pistols but I sure do like the carbines.
  17. Deadman1

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    I've tried a few of them, they are about the best $150 gun out there. The ones I had went bang every time and fed pretty much anything, and were rather accurate. Ugly and bulky with a crappy trigger pull but accurate. :D I say if all you have is $150 to spend then go for it. If it breaks just send it back, it doesn't matter if your the third owner, if they cant fix it they'll send you a new one. ;)

    I'm still waiting for the carbine in 45 ACP to come out. :cool: Is it out yet? :confused:
  18. ta1588

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    Big, Ugly as can be, cheap, and can be found in the pants of many a gangbanger. No thanks is what I'd say...I got the Makarov for $50 more...good enough for the russian army, good enough for me.
  19. UnderFire

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    Don't think much of their ugly handguns, but their rifles look promising.
    Wouldn't mind checkin' them out. :)
  20. DrumJunkie

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    Some people seem to like then. I have yet to see one that was much more than a door stop. I don't think a weapon needs ot cost a lot to be any good but going cheap can get you killed. And by cheap I'm talking how some inexpensive weapons like a Highpoint are made. THere are some less expensive weapons out there that are not too bad. Bersa comes to mind at the moment. I don't own any but had in the past and have shot several. They were not the best by a long shot but they would cycle. Reliability is the biggest key factor for any handgun. And I just have not seen enough from Highpoint to believe that they are all that reliable. Most of them I have seen didn't make it through a single magazine without something happening.

    Bottom line is what is your life worth? When looking at something that you might well expect to save your bacon that is the last time to be looking to get out as cheap as possible. I don't mean everyone needs to go out and get a 1K weapon. But you will want it to work And that means every time. Even for a truck gun I would want something reliable. Now if all you want to do is poke holes and you don't expect or this thing to ever be a defensive tool great! Get anything that you might want. But me I'm going to save my money can get something I know I can trust. There's too many pawn shops and gun shows that IO can save a few bucks getting something used. Used (and/or CPO) Sig Sauers, XD, FNP, Springfield, Taurus, Ruger,and Bersa pistols are all over the place and be had pretty cheap. And they are much better built. I bought a Browning Pro 40 for 350.00 new for a truck gun a while back. It's 100% reliable so I know if called upon it will get done what I bought it for. Weapons I carry I'll spend more on but it's more for personal preference. I am a 1911 fan and most of those are not cheap. But even those have a few brands that will cost less and get a quality weapon. Rock Island and the Taurus PT1911 come to mind there. the latter of I have shot thousands of rounds through and have yet to have one issue. RIA are really good too.