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    As you know by my introduction I shoot a high point 45.I have tried several different brands of ammo,and shoot mostly winchester target loads because they are cheap and havent had any misfires.But one brand this gun wont shoot is sellier and bellot.I load a clip and get one shot and its jammed because the spent shell wont eject completely.I clear the gun,load the winchesters and it shoots without jamming.Im guessing there isnt enough powder in the sellier and bellot loads to kick back the slide and cycle the rounds.
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    Jake- autoloaders can be picky about what they like to eat. However, with an auto pistol, there is an additional POSIBLE factor- your wrist.

    Because they function by making the slide recoil, the relative motion between slide and frame is critical. IF your grip permits the firearm to push back, it can make enough of a difference that you may have a fail-to-feed or fail-to-eject. This is known as "limp wristing" a pistol.

    This may not be noticed, until a minor change in ammo. Or, it could just be the ammo. Pistol properly lubed?

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    If your Hi-Point does not like S&B, then it does not like S&B. Mine on the other hand likes everything I've put through it except Wolf. The only fail to feeds I've had are with the Wolf steel cased junk. Every, and I mean every brass cased ammo I've loaded into the magazine in my Hi-Point .45 has fired, ejected and loaded. I have over 2k rounds through mine.

    C3 is dead on with the limp wristing, especially with a hotter load in a blow back pistol with a heavy slide.

    Good advice on sticking with what shoots good for you. I will say this again (possibly for the hundredth time), the Hi-Point is not a carry gun, nor is it my first choice of a defense gun. Would I use it if I had to, yes. Do I have other options before I get there, hellz yea.
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    Forget worrying about ammo, get one of these