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High Noon Slide Guard for Kimber 1911

Once in a while you get something so nice, well, you just have to share. It came in the usual nice dirty banged up, (seriously, one corner was caved in), box delivered by our friendly UPS man, but inside everything was intact and outstanding!

The beautiful lined Slide Guard holster from High Noon was perfect. The finish was perfect and even, and the fit was absolutely stellar. How good? Well, when the pistol went in, it was like Part A into Tab B. Usually you expect some fitting and stretching for new holsters – not this one, it was ready to rumble from the word “go”.

The Kimber 1911 slid right in like it was custom fit for that gun and that gun alone. That holster is worthy of a Texas barbecue gun! One of the main reasons I love this outside the waistband holster is the slide guard protection on the back from whence the rig takes its name.

In Arizona summer heat, you have to keep that steel off the body as much as you can, or prepare to deal with rust. Covering garments in 120 degree heat simply is not an option! Stainless steel will do an excellent job of combating the evil sweat, but with that big piece of medieval leather armor between you and your sidearm, things are much easier to deal with.
The slick adjustment screw makes it a snap to custom fit this rig to any 1911 it is made for – but this one was setup perfectly from the factory, no adjustment needed!

This rig is going to see some use, that is VERY certain!

If this was baseball, that's a Grand Slam!
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