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    Does anyone own a HHH? If so, I am just curious if you like it or not. Is it comfortable? ; hot; itchy. How's the retention? Is there a better OWB/IWB combo holster around $70?...
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    I ordered a hydrid kit for my 92fs from Old Faithful holsters. Ordered it on St Patricks day and it arrived on Apr 9.

    Just assembled it today. seems pretty comfortable and it isn't broken in yet.

    The assemble yourself kit is only 40$. The same holster is 75$ if they assemble it. Seems like pretty high quality materials. The kydex is thicker than I thought it would be.

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  3. JW357

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    I second the Old Faithful holsters. I have one, the kit that I assembled, for my M&P9c. Its a terrific item.
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    That's Funny. I just ordered one for the RIA,...

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    The combination IWB/OWB holsters are to long for most people. Pick something and buy a holster that does it well. One of our members makes decent holsters for $35. You can find professional quality holsters on eBay for under $50. You can see that finding a OWB and a IWB holster for $70 isn't hard.
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    Hidden Hybrid Holster

    I own a HHH holster for my Ruger SR9c. Yes, it's very comfortable and not too big. I carry at about 2 o'clock but you can carry in almost any position from 1 to 5 o'clock with it. The cant is adjustable by moving the belt clips. Yes it holds the pistol well when IWB . You can, however, adjust 2 of the screws to tighten down the kydex to your preferred tension. OWB wear would be great for range use but probably less so for everyday carry as there's no 'security' strap. The leather on the HHH is outstanding finished grade leather on the pistol side and soft suede on your skin side. It has thicker leather and kydex than Crossbreed, Old Faithful, and White Hat per the comparative reviews I found. At $60, you can't go wrong. Also, do a google search for a 10% off coupon for Hidden Hybrid Holsters...that's enough to cover the shipping. Very well made and comfortable. Will be getting another soon for my 45 carry too.
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