Hidden Firearms Threat by Alan Korwin

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    From: PAGE NINE
    The Uninvited Ombudsman Report

    by Alan Korwin, Author
    Gun Laws of America

    Hidden Firearms Threat

    The lamestream media told you:


    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    The two plants that make smokeless powder in the U.S. are the General Dynamics plant in St. Marks, Florida (manufactures for Hogdon and Winchester, plus military contracts), and the Alliant plant in Connecticut (manufactures for the Alliant family, plus the Lake City Arsenal). All other powder used in the U.S. is imported (from Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Israel and others). Two plants for the entire nation is not a very deep backup reserve. Any threats to these operations -- from government, law makers, activists, public pressure, enviro-wackos, islamists, etc., is a threat to us all. Thanks to Montana-based rights activist Gary Marbut for bringing this to my attention. We need to keep a careful eye on this.

    Thought you should know - cane
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    Sleep with one eye open.

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    Thanks. You would think that we would have more.
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    A very valid point and something that deserves attention.
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    Stock upon your favorite powders. And primers, bullets, brass....... :cool:
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    Thanks to Canebrake for the excellent post. This points up the fact that we in this country are in really deep crap if the US gets involved in a long global war.

    The EPA and OSHA ganged up and forced the US military to cease TNT production. There is a by-product of TNT production called red water. The EPA said it is toxic despite the fact that they could not prove it. OSHA claimed red water is explosive but they could never get it to explode. The US Army sold red water to paper mills for use in paper production.

    For over 20 years the US military imported TNT from Canada. What does Canada do with their red water? They dump it in their pristine rivers, of course. Finally, the US Army declared a war emergency and TNT production resumed at Radford, VA in about 2006.