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    Im very New to the Forum..

    First i want to say this forum is amazing.

    Second i've been thinking for quite sometime.(This might be stupid but...)

    I mean Nowadays most of us have the tecnologies and Materials in your grasp for making tradicional Firearms like Ak, Mauser rifles, M1 rifle.

    Right or Wrong, anyone attemped making one?

    What are the Prices like? I mean im looking for a Nice rifle, but i cant waste to much Money:p

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  2. c3shooter

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    There are a number of firearms that people make for themselves, such as the AR type, and the AK. Perfectly legal to make a non-full auto in the US for yourself- you can't sell it, but you can make it.

    To make a Muaser 98, or an M1 Garand, you will have some VERY complex machining and heat treatment to perform. If you are a Jouneyman tool & die maker, with an entire machine shop, imagine you could build one. Should not cost more than $5-6000 to do it.