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Hi Guys and Girls ( If there are any )

I've just forund this forum and it looks like a good place to waste some time when i'm bored :D

My name is Steve and I own and run a website supplying AR15 and Ruger 10/22 accessories here in the U.K., I won't post a link because i'm not here to drum up any business, and I'm not even sure what the rules are on things like that yet.

I own a few rifles, but my main love is the AR15 style rifle, I have 4 of them ;)

2 in .22 Semi auto, 1 in .223 and one in 6.5mm Grendel, Pic attached :-

I also like shooting shotguns at the clay ranges and on the land i have here.

Well I've bored myself now so I'm off for a look around this place.

I look forward to chatting with a few of you .


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Welcome aboard! :D

Feel free to promote your business in the vendor section. Nice rifles by the way!
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