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  1. Samhain

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    I have inherited an old .22 Hi Standard Supermatic Citation
    Hi Standard Inc E Hartford, Conn U.S.A is stamped on the barrel

    Any idea how to tell how old this firearm is and what it is worth?

    Last time this firearm was fired, it would stovepipe. I did some reasearch
    and learned this is common with this firearm the magazine feed lips need to be re-tuned. This is an ongoing process for the old High Standards. Spacing of about 0.236" +/- .002" is about right. Can I buy a replacement magazine that does not need to be re-tuned?
  2. M14sRock

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    NICE!! I have a Supermatic Citation and love it. HS still sells mags for them, and there are several aftermarket makers, too.

  3. JERRYB1127

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    You have an exceptionally good gun. Worth $700-$1,00. I just bought one. New, good quaility Magazines available from Brownells. Also from (new) High Standard Manufacturing Company. Now located in Texas. Enjoy!
  4. JTJ

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    Very sweet pistol and very accurate with the right ammo. They were designed for competition. The mags had problems when people loaded them with 10 rounds which deformed the lips over time. Especially if they were left loaded. The normal diet was 5 rounds of pistol target. Matches were shot in 5 round increments with 2 mags per target. High speed ammo is not as reliable as target in these pistols. I believe the practice came from revolvers which were also loaded with 5 rounds and the cylinder closed with the empty chamber under the hammer. Revolvers were still in use when I was shooting. Some shooters shot the whole 3 gun course with revolvers.
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  5. canebrake

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    Any photos?

    I'll need the serial number. At least any prefix and the first few numbers. Or you can PM me with the complete S/N.
  6. big shrek

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    You lucky dog :)

    High Standard made some of the best rimfire pistols to ever come off an assembly line :)

    I know you don't wanna hear this, but almost every pistol needs mag lip adjustments at some time.
    Learn how to do it on a rimfire, and you can fix it on bigger ones when you need to...like on Tec-9's and other hi-cap fun guns :D
    The tool that HS of Texas sells solves the problems on a LOT of mag lips...