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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by seanch, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. seanch

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    Does any one know about these guns? Are they good well made? My friend gave me a 9mm high point and I just wanted to know about it thanks
  2. 70cuda383

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    they're cheap, I know that much. buddy of mine had one in a .380 that he bought for like $100. It felt odd to shoot, the thing was really top heavy and the recoil was just...odd feeling.

    that's the best I can describe it as. odd.

    I only put about 50 rounds through it, so I can't really comment on longevity, ease of maintenance, etc.

  3. UrbanNinja

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  4. sweeper22

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    For an emergency gun that won't otherwise be used, a Hi-Point will probably do the trick. I think you could make a pretty good case that they're a bargain relative to their price.

    But if you intend to be an active shooter and develop your skills and habits, I think you're best off doing so on a better platform. There are some really good options to be had for $250-550.
  5. UrbanNinja

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    Im not doubting you're thought on this but, the hi-point was my first handgun and I practiced with it for 2 years before moving on. You are right about it being an emergency gun.. its definitely not a carry weapon. Another big issue is field stripping, if you want a cheap "disposable" gun..HP is the way to go but, if you are really going to spend some time with this as a hobby or a sport, Then Sweeper is right.. get something else. I also have a Taurus pt111 9mm. Nice accurate,reliable,concealable and easy to take down...not too mention under $350.
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    Welcome to the forum. Stop by the "Introductions" area and start a new thread there by saying "Hello".

    I do not know how much experience you have, but I'm guessing not much.

    I suggest that you get with someone who can look over the gun (for possible safety issues). You never know if everything functions as it should.

    Also, get a little training on firearms usage.
  7. Axxe55

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    what dan said. get a gunsmith to check it out. if you are looking for a cheap gun to keep in the trunk, or toolbox on your truck, this would be it. decent gun at a very decent price. but get someone to check it out and make sure it's safe to shoot first. and why did your friend just give you a gun? might want to make sure it's not stolen. a stolen gun could cause you lots of problems and grief. just saying, CYA!
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    Oh boy! Here we go.:D
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    I used to have a high point in .40 S&W, it was 200 bucks brand new. They are big and bulky and totally uncarry worthy, lol. It shot fmj rounds good but wouldnt chamber hollow points , i just used it to plink around. I ended up trading it to my wifes uncle for a remington 870 express magnum
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    I just want to say you usually get what you pay for,but as all firarms you must keep them up and always check them.hi point are decent hanguns for the budget,a little different to field strip but can provide when needed,not the prettiest gun but they work
  11. gollygee

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    For the most part, they are reported to be reliable & if not, the factory will pay freight both ways to fix or replace it. Seems it'd be one a guy could throw in the boat or truck glove compartment, not worrying about scratching it up & all, but knowing it'd do the job if needed.

    It's a lifetime warranty & goes with the pistol, so second owners get the same protection. For that reason, I doubt I'll buy a new one unless at a really good price, but if I ever come across a used one for $50 or so I'll grab it, regardless of condition.:)