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    A couple weeks ago I saw a thread on the old Hi-Point forums about the cure for a lot of the problems with Hi-points. I was having some jam problems. I did some of the things suggested like polishing the ramp & smoothing some edges on the magazine. I also read about adjusting the lips on the mag. It gave pics & measurements, but being the "genius" I am, I decided to just eyeball it. That led to more jams & non stop FTE's. I readjusted it & cut down both, but now that I have a digital caliper in hand I would like to try to get the exact measurements as I saw them on the Hi-point site if anyone has that info.
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    Are the rounds "nose-diving" into the front of the magazine when you fully load them? I have had the same issues. The one problem with Hi-Point is some of the magazines tend to be really low quality. I cut the mag spring to ease some of the tension which has helped on my 9mm. I haven't messed with my .45 because I am not familiar how to get the base plates off of those magazines.

    Of course, the easiest thing do to is send them back to Hi-Point, and they'll either fix or replace them at no cost to you.

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    This is what your looking for:

    New C9 consistently jams

    Did you try to check/adjust the front feed lips of your mag? Do you have another mag to try?
    The front lips might be too far apart and let the front of the next shell pop up that might be pushing up on ejecting shell jamming it.

    Good observation on the nose up with less than 4 left. I've noticed that too. I think because of the taper of the shells, when to mag is full to about 4 left, the shells are pointed down below the front feed lips, I think the front feed lips help keep the nose down with all that spring tension from the first 6 .Then it looks like the rest will be above the the front lips but there is less spring tension on the mag and it is more of a direct feed in chamber.
    Find the picture of the Mag with the distance specs and adjust accordingly. If you don't have a caliper, you can use a 9mm bullet at the bullet diameter as a gage it is .348 it should just slide through front lips.Not the shell part .If that passes through the front lips,its too wide.

    Hope this helps.