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Hi from So WI

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Obviously a newbie. I've always enjoyed handguns and used to do my own reloading back in my "glory days".

The only left over from those days is my Ruger Standard 22 "Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty" and my favorite was a S&W Model 28-4 with target grips, trigger and hammer that I polished myself. I'm strongly considering a 686 with a 6" to replace it. Target practice is about all I ever do, no other particular needs.
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Welcome to the forum, Gramps.
Welcome Gramps - There is nothing wrong with having a good, reliable .22 - I have a couple myself. :D

Welcome here from a not so young member. ;)
Thanks for the welcome everybody. Got a lot of catching up to do, see ya around!
Welcome Gramps, I'm new here as well but I can already tell it's a good place to be.
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