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Howdy from the ******* capital of Alabama!!

I've been invited to join and I hope that I can do this right. I don't have a lot of guns, I have a Mossberg 500, 12 gauge shotgun (who hasn't?), an old Winchester Model 74 rifle, 22 LR, and, just bought a Ruger P345 .45 cal. auto handgun. I used to have a lot, but was broken into about 15 years ago and all of my guns were stolen. My prize gun of that bunch was my S&W .357 Magnum. What a sweet shooting gun!! What a jerk that got my guns!!:mad:

If I had a bunch of money, I'd have some more guns. My next indulgence, when I can, is to buy a Beretta PX4 storm, .40 cal. That is a great feeling gun!

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