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Hi everyone. I live in a forrest South of Perth in Western Australia. I shoot Kangaroos and pigs mostly with the odd fox and rabbit. I use either my trusty Parker Hale sniping rifle in 308, my 303 or my 14P stirling in 22. If you look in the safety forumn you will find out what happened to my new 925MC marlin in 22 mag:( . I also use a PSE nOVA su cOMPUND BOW SET AT 70# with 65% let off. I use to use carbon firbe only Eastern Ali arrows for me. CF were to fragile! Use to split if I looked at them wrong.

I spent 16 years serving my country in the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics tech and demo tech so I love blowing things up as well as shooting.

The attached photo is the last thing many roo's have seen or maybe not seen!
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