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We need folks to email Ramline about those older model 30-round mags...Ramline - Contact Us

& Black Dog Machine LLC for the 795/70P...Contact Black Dog Machine LLC

& Mec-Gar industries for the 795/70P... [email protected]

If you WANT high-cap mags, we gotta show these folks that we really WANT them

The big difference between the old 70 & new 795 is the mag well was changed to add a BUMP that prevents the Pre-ban mags from being can chisel that out and use the old Ramline Mags...IF you can find them at a reasonable price.

Hope you all write in and I hope we finally get back to proper amounts of rounds in our mags

With 7 million pre-ban model 70 varients and 3 million Post-ban 795's currently sold...there IS a pretty good Market available that is COMPLETELY untouched!!
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