Here's How to End the Gun Control Debate for Good

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by GoBlue, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. GoBlue

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    The only reason why we have the atmosphere of fear in this nation is due to ignorance. People have developed false perceptions of guns and this has carried over to their anti-gun actions.

    Unfortunately, reasoning isn't working too well as most people care little about who has the best reasons for doing anything and instead default to emotion.

    That being the case, all we need to do to end the gun control debate in our favor is to convince all of the celebrities to start Open Carrying.

    Our public is addicted to celebrities. Whatever the people who grace the cover of People Magazine do, the masses of the nation soon begin to follow. If Lady Gaga (or whoever is the next face of fame) and all her little friends were on the cover and inside pages of these magazines carrying guns at all time in the open, there would be a mad rush of people looking to carry as well.

    They would soon run into the facts that surround the ability of the average person to carry a gun (openly or concealed) and would willingly obtain whatever education they needed to be able to carry themselves.

    We would instantly have a more educated public who would be all about carrying guns at that point and the debate would go away. :)
  2. FreedomFighter69

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    You will never, never get those dopey, liberal loving, celebrities and musicians to go along with that ! The only two musicians I know who carry are Ted Nugent, and Keith Richards. The movie stars that carry that I know of Robert Deniro, and probably Clint Eastwood. I know Clint has an extensive gun collection as so did Lee Van Cleef.
    Im sure the guys from Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, and Lynrd Skynrd pack as well, they just don't advertise.
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  3. GoBlue

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    Great! My hopes and dreams are now dashed forever!
  4. Overkill0084

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    I think that one step to demystify firearms & possibly alleviate that "fear" that is ingrained by todays libs, would be to have a block of firearms safety training as part of the normal public school curriculum. They teach (taught?) how to cross the street, bicycle safety & don't drink the cleaning solvents under the sink. I see it as a natural extension of all of the other safety issues that are addressed in school. I believe all children should be familiar enough to not accidently shoot themselves or others.
    Just a thought.
  5. mcramer

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    The problem I see with those dumb-witted celebrities carrying guns is that they live in a fantasy world. Some of them are so stupid that the first person to come and talk to them on the street would probably get shot.
    What we need to do to end this BS about gun control is send all those hippie liberal bastards to a country that currently doesn't allow capable citizens like me and you to own gun, and they will see that regular citizens with guns aren't the problem, it's the people who use guns to commit crime. The criminals are just going to get the guns by illegal mean anyhow.

    Also I think if a person comes in to a gun store, and ask to see a gun, and they swing it around and like its a video game, they should NEVER be allowed to own a gun.

    You don't go to the top to fix a problem that starts at the bottom.
  6. dcm

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    charlton heston gave one hell of a speech on the subject of the firearm community being labeled the bad guy, i dont recall any details about name, date, or place it was given (wow im helpful) but I saw an excerpt of it on the daily show on comedy central that even the liberals who watch that show agreed with. it was very well spoken.
    The big problem for me is that all of the voices that are publicized are on both extreme ends of the spectrum. Its too bad that instead of critical thought and compromises that benefit both sides while still upholding what both view as inherent and constitutional rights that things turn into a **** storm of bs and rhetoric. but then again what the hell do i know
  7. 556plinker

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    Yeah...let's end the gun control debate by banning them all! I would like to get this over and done with as soon as possible. Could get a little nasty but I'm up for the challenge, life has been somewhat boring lately and I could use the excitement.
  8. FreedomFighter69

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    I had a discussion yesterday with a neighbor. Another neighbor's yard was broken into in broad daylight with the next step being the house because the lady heard the creep trying to jimmie the door. She called 911 and about 8 cop cars and a paddy wagon showed up. They caught the bastard and locked his *** up ! So we were discussing this and this is just part of the problem we have been seeing around here. Pimps with their hookers, junkies, and other theives have been through this place. I told her to buy a gun, her response was, "Oh ! Don't you think that's a little extreme ? It's not that bad around here!" No not yet, but it's getting there I replied. She then went on to say how all these guns are part of the problem and such. Well then I set her straight and after I explained to her the facts, she was speechless as usual. She even said that she wouldn't have the heart to kill anyone. Now she has two small childeren ! I told her that if someone was ready to kill you, then after you kill your children, you know damn well that you would act first, anybody would it's just natural instinct and adrenaline !
    The thought of someone letting themselves get killed and not trying to protect the lives of their small children makes me nauseous ! It is the most absurd, ignorant thing I ever heard someone say, and it made me sick to my stomach to hear the ignorance in her demenor and voice. When are prople going to wise up !
    P.S. Her neighbors husband has 3 handguns and two rifles ! Chalk one up for the good guys !!
  9. JTJ

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    She was lucky the police got there quickly.
    My daughter was at home with 2 children. Her husband was away. She called 911 to report a prowler as did her next door neighbor who was also home alone. She then called me. I told her to take the kids and get to the bedroom, lock the door and get behind some cover. She has a 9mm Berreta and does know how to use it. I came over and cleared the house. We had a code set up. I rang the doorbell 3 times before entering. I asked if she and the kids were OK. If she wasnt she would give the wrong names for the kids. Everything was OK and I went home. One deputy showed up 45 minutes after the call and rang the doorbell. No backup and weapon holstered. If an armed prowler had gained entry there would have been one dead deputy.
  10. pioneer461

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    Has she had professional training yet? Arizona has one of the premier training facilities in the country, Gunsite.

    Those of us who live in the boonies know that we are indeed on our own for self defense and need to watch out for our neighbors while we wait for help to arrive.

    If Mohave County is anything like most rural areas, the deputy likely had no back-up available, and because of the l-o-n-g response felt certain that the problem had taken care of itself.
    Complacent? Yes.
    Bad tactics? Yes.
    Reality? Yes.

    When seconds count, the police are just (45?) minutes away.

  11. spittinfire

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    The thought of Lady Gaga with a gun scares me.
  12. Angry_bald_guy

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    S/he already has one... oh wait... wrong kind.