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here it is!!!!

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Machine gun Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Gas

Not done w it just got it picked up waiting on ordered parts quadrail angled fore grip and flashlight


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More info? Specs?
Heck man I dunno my buddy hooked me up I can't tell u much about it I'm a rookie to start off with
Well your next one, and there usually is, make sure you "have it your way"!
How does she shoot?
I'm sure ill build another.. this is kinda a learning thing for me.... And it shoots great I just put Mueller scope on it 3-9 magnification it hasent been sighted in left to right its good but off up and down... I have 3 kids so I have to find time to site it then ill b getting closer still need a fore grip sling and maybe a couple other things
Well be sure you read the Tikki Sticky, the AR Primer. Might as well live up to your screen name. You're no Chuck Connors yet! :D
Always up for learning... Never too good to listen and learn from others
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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