Here is the ‘dope’ on the WWP.

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    I just received my receipt with some gimmie more money mail from the Wounded Warrior Project. I checked them out on the Charity Navigator website. It indicates only 55% of raised funds goes to program expenses. Scroll down to see the charts. Further down are comparisons to other similar organizations. I should have checked them out first.

    Happy Turkey Day.
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    I was reviewing the entire information from the Charity Navigator Group. Seems there is some deceptive information contained within. They advise that WWP does not accept donations from the weapons industry. That is far from the truth. There was some problems recently with a female who was in a PR position advising a radio talk show host for Gun Talk Radio that they did not appear for interviews with gun related sources. She acted upon her own obviously not for the WWP. That was resolved very quickly by the CEO of WWP. Because the weapons industry does support and contribute to their association. With in a couple of weeks the CEO of WWP appeared in person for the interview on the radio show. As fat as the expenses I can not disprove or confirm that they are reliable figures. I am supporter of WWP and as long as it helps one Vet and their families I am there.

    Thanks for posting this since I also want to check things out.

    Hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving!


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    Here is a link, from Charity Watch, of veterans organizations that actually use their donations to materially affect the lives of veterans instead of on “Raising Awareness” & administration expenses.
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    Gives me hope!

    I'm in the process of starting my charity.

    The wounded veterans and breast cancer and deformed puppies charity.

    My salary will be a paltry 846,000 dollars per year.

    If you don't donate to my cause, you're a animal abusing, ultra right wing communist sympathizing cancer causing left wing radical.... 'Merica!