Here in UK our range will be open on 23 May...

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  1. tac foley

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    Car park at 9:30..........

    Me shooting at 10:10...still only one of five on the longer range - there was some activity over on the 25m tho'...
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    Yes, no problems getting suppressors. As for clay shooting clubs.

    Ulster Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
    16 Mar 2020 - Welcome to the website of the Ulster Clay Pigeon Association, the governing body for the sport of clay target shooting in Northern Ireland.
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  3. tac foley

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    I read - Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 17:24

    The latest 'update' is undated.
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    Thanks, Tac, I'm curioius as to how clay shooters are handling the various restrictions. I've not been down to my old-time gunclub (90 mile drive) for a long time and not since the Kung Flu showed up. Thanks again.
  5. tac foley

    tac foley Well-Known Member

    Whinemeal, over there in Republic of Ireland, things, as far as shooting are concerned, are still pretty dire - this from a pal in the Vintage Classic Rifle Association of Ireland, of which tours truly is the Prez -

    T, I see you are safely enclosed between curtain stalls.

    Over here it will be a while yet before **** and I can do likewise, as we live outside the 5K current safety zone. We will have to wait until those living past the 20K can travel, which for us will be late July.....Ffs - along with the restriction of having only 6 members at a time permitted on any one of our three ranges, Before any of that, we have to pre-book an hour and a half slot. When finished pack-up and go me, this is over the top...
    I live aprox 53 km from the range, making it a round trip of 106 km for 1.5 hours of allotted fun -
    **** said ** has sent out a text message with regard to pre-booking for local members living within 5km of the range.....

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    Unless i'm at the range with friends or family, i don't want to socialize with anyone. Hell i've been social distancing at ranges on purpose for years: i intentionally set up as far away from anyone else as possible. Never fails though, there's always 1 guy who has to come over & tell me how great his Glock is or how tight his AR shoots.
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  7. Mercator

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    Just today, as I was trying to clear a badly stuck bolt (in the corner lane) and saying bad words to it, a dude came over with his boy to inquire how my AR building was going :D
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  8. W.T. Sherman

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    Tac, I like that barrier there :).

    I just might make something like that when I shoot, especially when I shoot my AKS74U, that thing throws ejected casing like 3ft high and 30 ft. 90 degrees and pelts any shooter to the right of me. I try to get the last firing point to the far right, but that sometimes isn't possible

    that is a nice and well maintained range you have there :)

    the Ohio Dept of Natural Resource public range is also well maintained
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  9. tac foley

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    The range is not a range as you might understand it, Jim, it is a club of almost 450 full members, and around thirty waiting for members to leave or die to join. The club committee makes the the work, often/usually using the members as 'arm power'.

    However, we have in our club the following useful people -

    1. CEO of a local group of architects - they designed the new build back in 2012 - see my Youtube video of the opening...

    He also designed a number of airports and train station - stuff like that. :)

    2. A number of building contractors, who can build you anything from a replica of a Tudor mansion or ten bedroom home to a river dam.

    3. Construction material suppliers - sand, gravel, concrete bagged or ready-mix - that kind of thing.

    4. Construction plant hire people - you need a nice shiny Komatsu excavator? We have it. JCB's - dozens of 'em. Dozers? Yawn...............................

    5. County historical buildings specialists from Historic England* [I'll explain why later] - yup, we got them too.

    6. Surgeons, dentists, doctors, farmers, flight-of mercy pilots, current and former military, police, firefighters we have 'em all, just like you do.

    The members are also handy kinds of folks - remember, we live mainly in the countryside, and we are not afraid of hard work. Panty-waist wimps need not apply.

    Our range, dating from 1928, was built into the gently-sloping hillside of a farmer's field that had previously been used as a claypit for making bricks. When we came to dig out the footings for the main structure, we discovered the foundations of the brick kilns that had simply been filled in at the turn of the 19/20th C. So we had to advise the County Archeologist who came with a team to assess the importance of the site for historical reasons. He decided that as it was previously a well-known local feature and had been documented at the time, being registered as a 'change of usage' and so on, we could go ahead and build out new range structure.

    However, the extra work cost us around $20K to 'do the digging' and extend the raised level foundations that you see in the movie. We paid for the whole thing - around $200K - by paying three years' subs up front, and by a grant from 'Sporting England' that funds ALL sports, no matter how lacking in popularity they might seem. AAMOI, shooting and associated businesses bring between over £2.5 BILLION into the national coffers annually.
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