Hensoldt Z24

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    I bought a Hensoldt Z24 scope w/ an HK Stanlag claw mount for my G3 counter sniper clone last year. It was missing the caps, tool kit, low light lens, hard case and reticule illuminator. I still paid a low $140.00 for the scope and mount. I was talking w/ a friend in Germany, Juergan, and he said he would see what he could find. He flew in last night and brought me everything I needed. It is an un-issued 1983 accessory kit. $70.00. Oh, he also brought some German Pilsner. I really can't wait to try the gray filter and reticule illuminator at night. The filter is rated for a +96% light enhancement. Everything is black and white in the daytime, but enhanced to the point of everything that is man made sticks out. It is hard to explain. The definition is amazing.
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    That sounds pretty cool and at a remarkable price too. :cool: