Henry Lever Aftermarket Sights

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    I bought a basic Henry (H001) lever action 22 rifle a year or so ago and for the most part I am very happy with this rifle. The sights, however, I can not get used to.

    A little back story... I had a problem with this rifle when I first bought it. The sights were off by 24" at 50 yards. The point of impact was high with the buckhorns sitting flat on the barrel.

    Henry sent me out a new front sight post and band for a 22 magnum rifle. It was taller than the post on my rifle. Somewhat fixed the problem but not really entirely.

    I would like to upgrade both front and rear sights. I would really like to be able to set my sights to shoot where I want them to rather than using Kentucky windage on every shot.

    Hiviz makes a front sight and Skinner makes a dovetail peep. Will they line up? I have also seen some mods and rigs online but I was hoping there would be something out on the market by now. Any advice?
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    I would have sent the rifle back to henry on day one. If it won't shoot right with the stock sights what makes you think an aftermarket sight is going to fix the rifle?

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    I'm having the exact same problem with mine as well. I am considering throwing a scope on it, even though I would much prefer to use iron sights, as this is my sons 1st rifle and I want him to be able to learn to shoot with iron sights first.
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    Can someone post a link to the HI VIZ front sight for the Henry H 001?

    Nevermind I got it, but guess where I drilled and tapped the sling swivel stud hole. Right where the pinch bolt goes.....Crap.
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    At the bottom they offer to dovetail a metal Henry one piece. Then a fella could mount Firesites, my personal favorite. Plus I could drill and tap for my stud at the bottom...