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Henry Golden Boy repeater w/ custom reciever plates

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Hey all, me and dad were planning to buy a henry golden boy repeater, and order custom reciever plates. We are planning for it to be a graduation present for my older brother. We hope to have a Tecumsuh quote engraved ob the plates. Any experiance on these rifles or the custom plates on
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I have a Golden Boy 17HMR awesome rifle. ,The side plates I have seen are just as nice!.:) Cliff
Alright thanks! What cal do you reccomebd mist fir it? How cool is the 17 HMR?
I somehow got on their mailing list and I get the catalogs that they send to dealers. They make some amazingly nice looking rifles. I'm sure the factory engraving will be as top notch as the gun
That is one gun almost too pretty to shoot , the "Golden Boy" that is..!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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