Henry .22

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    They are pretty good. Based off of a paratrooper survival gun. I believe they claim it floats and it does but it isn't water tight.

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    Good concept that does not work worth a hoot in real life.

    Oh, it DOES float. About all it does well. Weakness in magazine and where bbl is held onto reciever by screw on connector. Was originally by Armalite (AR7)
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    Sold them at bass Pro shop in MA,no problems-:):) Cliff
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    Nice for emergencies or a bug out bag or to keep in car in the back up bug out kit I realy want to shoot one
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    yup i have the silver airforce one. didn't like the cammo option and the gun shop didn't have the all black. mine only came with two mags, one in the well and one place in the stock. the newer models have two slots in the stocks. you will either love it or hate it. not much in between. I love mine, but i had low expectations.

    IMHO, they are decent rifles at best, the ability to break down and store it was why i got one. some do not like them at all. to me it's a personal choice. they are not a finely crafted piece of steel. they are rough on the inside and can sound like something being dragged across a parking lot when the bolt cycles. but so far, it has shot everything that i put through it and i feel that i can hit a bunny or squirrel in the head up to about 30yds. maybe younger eyes could reach out to 50yds. so worth the price to me.

    If you get one, check the stock for cracks right away as they can easily be damaged in shippping. Henry has great service and will fix or replace without many questions beyopnd what is your address. each time i break mine completely down to polish the iside a little more, i don't hear the scratching as much now.

    drawbacks: the knurl knob can easily loosen after a few hours of range time,
    the front sight is easily bent just by storing into the stock since it is plastic and the rear aperature was a pain to tweak to my shooting but once i got it the way i like it's GTG.
    adding a scope will limit you from putting the barrel into the stock, so you have to decide on what you are going to do there.
    the scope won't improve your accuracy too much. these rifles are just the way they are.
    extra magazines are a pain to find since there have been at least three distinct versions of the rifle by three differing manufacturers.
    Once a magazine goes wrong, all hell breaks loose for FTF and FTE's.

    yes I would buy another should mine need to be replaced.
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    Seems to me a Mark III or Buckmark semi-auto .22 pistol with a 5" or 6" barrel would work just about as well in a backpacking or survival situation. Good accuracy, just as easy to pack, and the overall quality and reliability is much better. True, the pistols do not float, but then again, the pistols don't have to be assembled before they can be fired. That could be important.